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Online hypnotherapy - Feeling stuck or stranded?

Imagine being able to make the life changes you want while tucked up in your own bed. Should therapy be that relaxed? Well yes! Welcome to the world of online hypnotherapy. Practitioners are increasingly providing an online service given the convenience and flexibility this medium offers.

Perhaps you believe that your location restricts you from accessing therapy, thinking it requires a face-to-face meeting? Aside from geography, busy lifestyles, work and family commitments can limit the time you have available to attend appointments. If you are feeling stuck or stranded, these restrictions can be resolved by therapy via free Internet video-chat services available. Among the video technologies which allow for face-to-face communication, a popular option is Skype. This article will focus on hypnotherapy via Skype (sometimes known as Skypenosis!) - and things to consider with this medium.

If you have relatives or friends living abroad you may already be familiar with the software that turns your computer screen into a video phone. Skype provides free calling between account holders. It allows both parties to see each other on a computer screen as they conduct a real-time conversation. Its benefits, aside from the free calls, include its simple, quick and free set-up and reliability of good audio quality video chat. All that is needed is a good, fast broadband Internet connection and a computer with a webcam.

Distance therapy pre-dates the Internet. Sigmund Freud communicated with his clients via letter. Today video technology offers a deeper interaction, and it is surprisingly easy to build a good relationship over Skype thanks to the interactive nature of video calls. It is the closest thing to being with someone while physically apart.This medium offers the same level of support and confidentiality as that of meeting a therapist their clinic or office.

Working with a practitioner via the Internet is convenient, effective and safe. You will receive the same level of professional and confidential service as for sessions held in person. Hypnosis via Skype has many additional benefits. It is perfect for people who find it difficult to schedule visiting a therapist into their busy lives, such as carers, parents and shift workers. Whilst office-based appointments can become booked-up quickly, consider looking online to find a session for when you need. This option gives you the flexibility to book a session that works with your schedule.

Online therapy overcomes any mobility problems or anyone with concerns regarding privacy who wants to access therapy without having to ‘explain where they are going’. If you are a parent this option may also save you financially given that there are no childcare costs to cover either!

Convenience really is key as this option also overcomes any need to re-arrange other aspects of daily life. Given no travel is required there is no more having to factor in the journey time or time wasted sitting in traffic. Leave behind the rushing to and from appointments to minimise time off work!

Being in your own home environment can often help people to feel relaxed, safe and secure. It is common for people to get into their favourite cosy chair, or lie down on a bed, to get into a comfortable position for the session. The online environment can offer an increased sense of privacy. Distance can offer an anonymity that helps you to relax and share more freely. An article in Newsweek (2006) reported that recovering addicts would benefit from online therapy, given unease at attending face-to-face support groups.

Distance nor a busy lifestyle should not prevent you taking the opportunity to make the changes you want in life. As the saying goes“Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly”, and Skype hypnotherapy can give you this new perspective.

Tips for Skype hypnotherapy sessions:

  • You will need fast Internet connection and a computer with a webcam. Most computers or laptops have a built in mic and camera. If not, these can be inexpensive to buy.
  • If you are new to Skype, consider a practise call first. Many practitioners offer a free initial consultation, so choose to have this via Skype to experience what working together this way would be. Alternatively hold a call with a friend or family member.
  • A therapist offering a Skype service should provide clear guidance to working together this way. A good practitioner will answer any questions you may have and ensure that you are clear on everything prior to the first session. You should be provided with the necessary paperwork (intake forms and client contract) before commencing therapy.
  • Test that your Internet speed supports a Skype call without delays/screen freezing-up.
  • Use a headset to cut out any background noise. Alternatively speakers work well, this option is more dependent on your privacy situation.
  • Make yourself comfortable (your neck and back should be fully supported).
  • It is important you are in a private quiet space and left undisturbed throughout the duration of your session. NB: Make anyone else in the house is aware of the need to be quiet!
  • Ensure no disturbances will occur during the session – e.g. turn off phones.
  • No pets allowed in the same room! Ensure any pets are supervised if necessary and will be kept quiet for the duration of a session.

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