OCD and how hypnotherapy can help

According to recent figures, about 1 in 50 people suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. OCD takes the form of an obsession or continuous worry about something such as germs, fear of an accident or what could happen to a member of the family. Or it could take the form of a compulsion to carry out a ritual such as hand washing or checking that doors are locked. In fact there are any number of rituals or obsessions that sufferers can find themselves caught up in.

This sort of thinking on a healthy level is what keeps us organised and safe, and are generally the sorts of things we all think of on a daily basis. Have I switched the cooker off or locked the door? Did I remember to wash my hands before lunch? However with OCD this form of thinking will take up a large part of the person's time, and often take over their lives. Working with OCD needs a lot of patience on the part of both therapist and client, and getting results is a step by step process.

Where does this type of thinking come from? OCD can be attributed to various factors both psychological and biological and can affect children, teenagers and adults. Although the person with OCD knows in the logical part of their brain that the obsessions and compulsions need not be acted out to this extent, they are powerless to stop them. Even when the ritual or thinking brings some relief the process will soon start all over again.

Since hypnotherapy engages with the unconscious mind and since it is also a powerful medium of relaxation, it can have great value in helping OCD clients achieve a release from the continuous circuit they are stuck in. The conscious mind is often unable to respond in a way that will allow the client to make the changes they know they would like, but the unconscious mind processes information differently and in a global, non linear form.

Hypnosis can make an enormous difference in helping clients suffering from OCD release past experiences, that may relate to the problem and also set up a new framework of behaviours that will help get their lives back, and those of their families.

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Written by Roger Foxwell MBSCH DHyp ARMCM

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Written by Roger Foxwell MBSCH DHyp ARMCM

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