New Year resolutions

Are you thinkingAARRGHH, my New Year resolutions haven’t lasted at all”?

So what happens now? Will you still smoke? Will you still be overweight? Will your gym membership join all the other thousands of peoples’ abandoned good intentions? Perhaps you thought that when you were slimmer and fitter, you would fly away on holiday as a celebration of your success for you and the family. You may have planned to use the money you saved from not smoking to pay for your fantastic holiday. Moving on from this success, you could be thinking you have achieved all this, now you feel like a new person and could even cure your phobia of flying or your dread of the needle ready for your holiday inoculations. Or maybe you are thinking “oh well, there’s always next year”.

But, you haven’t lasted at all. How do you feel about that? Do you feel anxious and depressed or even rather stressed by it, feeling you are a ‘failure’? (To which I hasten to add, you definitely are not.)

So again I ask, “what happens now?”. 

Will you try again next year? Perhaps something will happen and you will suddenly become more motivated next New Year. Or better still, you could simply find your local clinical hypnotherapist and contact them. They can often help people like yourself, giving you the willpower and motivation to succeed, not just with your resolutions but with many issues you may have.

Clinical hypnotherapy can be a wonderful way to help. All most people need to help them is a consultation and a few sessions with their chosen clinical hypnotherapist. This usually entails sessions of clinical hypnotherapy involving discussions on your particular issues, why you may lack willpower or try to figure out why you may overeat or undereat. This is when your therapist uses her/his skills to kick start your willpower etc.

Please don’t give up, it’s never too late to start achieving the things you want to do. Speak to or visit the clinical hypnotherapists in your area and find one that you like and have confidence in. There is no obligation to see one you don’t feel comfortable with.

What have you got to lose? Nothing... only the issues that are concerning you!

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Newmarket CB8 & Bury St. Edmunds IP28
Written by Jenny Bawden, GHR, GHSC, FHT, NLP
Newmarket CB8 & Bury St. Edmunds IP28

I'm registered with the GHR and GHRC adhering to their strict guidelines, confidentiality being one of my top priorities (my top one is to help you). I'm trained to work in many areas where clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to help. My specialisation is anxiety, stress and its components, self-esteem, abuse recovery, weight and smoking problems.

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All therapists are verified professionals

All therapists are verified professionals

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