Navigating the labyrinth of overwhelm: A hypnotherapist’s guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a colossal challenge? You’re not alone. Picture this, you’re standing at the edge of a dense forest, and the trees loom overhead like ancient guardians. Your task (a project, a goal, or a seemingly insurmountable problem) lies hidden within. But the forest is thick, and you can’t see beyond the first few trees. Panic sets in. Your mind whirls like a caffeinated squirrel, and anxiety wraps around you like a clingy vine.


Fear not, my friend.

As a master hypnotherapist and social media content creator (yes, I wear both hats), I’ve navigated these woods before. Let’s venture deeper, armed with metaphorical machetes and a sprinkle of dry humour.

Buckle up, we’re about to hack through the underbrush of overwhelm.


1. The unconscious mind: Your stealthy guide

Our unconscious mind is like a backstage crew, working tirelessly behind the scenes. Its job? Keeping us safe, well, and protected.

Unfortunately, it sometimes overdoes it, like an overzealous bouncer at an exclusive club. When faced with challenges, it shines a spotlight on problems, not solutions. Anxiety gatecrashes the party, and suddenly, you’re dancing to the wrong tune.

Tip: Whisper to your unconscious mind, “Hey, buddy, let’s focus on solutions, shall we? The problems have had their moment in the spotlight.”

2. The bird’s-eye view: Climb the tree

Imagine you’re a wise owl perched high in the branches. From up here, the forest transforms. Those gnarled roots? Just stepping stones. The tangled vines? Mere threads waiting to be unravelled. Break down your challenge into manageable chunks—bite-sized acorns, if you will.

Each step becomes a mini adventure, and suddenly, you’re the hero of your own story.

Tip: Ask yourself, “How can I make this an easy and enjoyable challenge?” Channel your inner Gandalf and find your fellowship—people who’ll lend you their elven wisdom or at least share a good meme.

3. The midnight workshop: Unconscious mind after hours

While you sleep, your unconscious mind moonlights as a cosmic handyman. It tinkers with your questions, like a celestial mechanic fine-tuning an engine. Manifestation? Oh, it’s real. Your reticular activating system (RAS) in your mind nudges you toward answers, like a cryptic dream whispering, “Psst, the solution is in the third drawer, behind the mismatched socks.”

Tip: Before bedtime, pose empowering questions. “Unconscious mind, what’s the secret recipe for success?” Or perhaps, “Where did I leave my car keys?” (Hey, even wizards misplace things).

4. The metaphorical GPS: Navigating the maze

Remember that hypnotherapy is the fastest way to get to your solution.  It’s your compass, pointing north. Your unconscious mind holds the problem, and therefore also the answer. But let’s add a twist: Imagine to get started and take the next and most important step you need to get in contact with me to book your free strategy call. It’s not a call but a treasure map. X marks the spot—the heart of your challenge.

Along the way, you’ll encounter riddles (how does hypnotherapy work? - Which I will explain), quicksand (can I be hypnotised? – Yes, you have already been hypnotising yourself, but badly, and I will show you how to do it much much better!), and maybe a friendly dragon (your inner critic that meant well with its intentions, but is saying "what if I don’t believe in myself"). So embrace the adventure.

Tip: When lost, ask, “What would Captain Jack Sparrow do?” (Hint: Probably something quirky involving rum and a compass).

The clearing ahead

As we emerge from the forest, squinting at the sunlight, remember this: Challenges aren’t monsters; they’re puzzles waiting to be solved.

So, my fellow wanderer and wonderer of the mind, take a deep breath, and more importantly, a longer relaxing outbreath to let go of that tension.

You’ve got this.

And if all else fails, just follow the breadcrumbs—unless you’re in a Hansel-and-Gretel situation. Then, maybe stick to the map.

To contain the problem, Your unconscious mind must also contain the solution. It just needs a guide to help locate the map, navigate the route ahead and clear the path from those blockages and diversions.

Now, go forth, conquer, and may your path ahead be clear and easy.

Disclaimer: The above advice is metaphorical and not intended as professional hypnotherapy. For actual hypnosis, consult a qualified practitioner. And remember, real forests don’t come with breadcrumb trails. 

The views expressed in this article are those of the author. All articles published on Hypnotherapy Directory are reviewed by our editorial team.

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Written by Nigel Edwards, Cert Hyp Cs (MHS),
Welwyn, Herts, AL6 0UG

Hi, I am Nigel Edwards,


I am one of the UK’s leading Anxiety relief therapists.
Known for helping people to create FAST shifts in their thinking, I firmly believe that deep and lasting change does not need to take a long time.

Your unconscious mind holds the answers, and I will help You navigate to find them.

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