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Myth busting the free/reduced price session offer

It was like a bolt from the blue - the realisation that people just don't put value in free or reduced price sessions, offered by kind hearted therapists who mean well.

I don't know why it is, but people often mistakenly think that something free or reduced price will be less than perfect or somehow less effective than a full priced option. The truth is, when it comes to therapy, that couldn't be further from the truth.

If a therapist offers a session free, it could be that they want to give something back to the community, and what better way than to help someone overcome an issue which may have been holding that person back for years?

Or, they would like to offer someone the chance to see the value in the services they provide. We know that someone who needs the therapy, say because of insomnia, will place more value on it than someone who has never lost a night's sleep in their life; it's all relative. What makes it difficult is people's perception of therapy, especially hypnotherapy! 

Therapists who offer free or reduced price sessions are of course promoting their services, and it's because of this fact you can be assured that you will be treated exactly the same as a fully paid up client - and this is why: everyone knows at least 250 people; out of those 250 people there will be a few who have an issue they would like to overcome, from public speaking to emotional trauma. A personal recommendation is much more effective than seeing adverts. 

If you see an offer for something you would like to experience, with a therapist you identify with, grab the opportunity with both hands! You wont regret it!

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Written by Karen Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist- Blossom Therapy Swaffham

Karen Lee has always had an interest in helping others help themselves, after five years online voluntary work in a group she set up herself, and working as a qualified hypnotherapist and EMDR specialist, she is now setting up a therapy centre at home - to help veterans and emergency service personnel free or donation based.… Read more

Written by Karen Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist- Blossom Therapy Swaffham

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