My friend Addie

I had a friend called Addie, or at least I thought he was my friend! When we first met he used to make me feel good about myself, made me feel positive and I used to love life. He used to help me forget all of my problems.

The only downside was that I used to spend a lot of money when I was with him. As time went on I became more dependant on Addie and needed him more and more. I felt as if he was controlling my life. I started having financial problems and couldn't pay my bills. I ended up getting into debt, all because of my love for Addie.

Mentally I became dependant on Addie and became distant from my family and friends. Addie came first and my family and friends didn't seem to matter. When I couldn't get hold of Addie I became depressed, paranoid, lethargic, lost my appetite, became irritable, and had no motivation to get up in the mornings. I couldn't be bothered to go to work or go anywhere without Addie.

This started to affect my relationships with my family and friends, also my work situation. I ended up losing everything and ended up in debt and alone with nobody except Addie. I had lost my job and self-respect. I was desperate, paranoid, weak, angry, vulnerable and sometimes violent. The complete opposite of what I used to be which was confident, strong, happy, independent and in control of my life.

Addie ended up destroying my life and caused me to lose all my family and friends, so I decided to seek help through hypnotherapy to overcome my addiction.

Hypnotherapy got to the root of the problem by relaxing the client and getting the subconscious mind to open up and release any negative thoughts and habits. Replacing them with positive suggestions and overcoming the root of the problem with positive thoughts. To be able to move on and live a different lifestyle with freedom of choice.

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