Memories of a previous life

“Then I found myself walking, walking by the side of a river, hearing its gentle ebb and flow. With each step, I felt my sandalled feet landing on the grass but more gently, as though my body weighed almost nothing. Long, flowing robes made of lightweight material, not warm enough for this country really. I looked up and in the distance saw smoke rising and the faint outline of a village.”


The words of one of my first clients, hastily scribbled into my notes as she spoke following what was obviously a deep and enlightening hypnosis session. Except that this was not intended to be a past life regression hypnosis.

It was intended to be a “regular” hypnotherapy session using hypnosis to regress the client back to childhood so that they might release trauma and find repressed memories. However, in this particular session, the client continued her journey back through the ages, pausing at her childhood in this life before seemingly entering a time machine and emerging in what was clearly a time before her birth.

It was very perplexing for me as a hypnotherapist. I had not experienced anything like this before and frantically scribbled down the words into my notebook as she spoke about the experience when she returned from the trance. This event, which had happened entirely spontaneously, became the start of a personal journey for me into what is now known as past life regression hypnotherapy.

In this article, I will explain what a session of past life regression hypnosis might be like for clients intending to try this extremely rewarding and enlightening experience. I will also talk about the benefits of past life regression, the phenomena of inter-generational trauma and how going back into the past can help lead us to a better future.

What is past life regression?

There are many ways of explaining the phenomena of past life regression. For some, there is a belief in reincarnation. We have all been here before and are, therefore, able to access those previous lives either spontaneously (did you ever have a feeling when you visit a new place that you may have been there before?), or with help from a hypnotherapist.

Others feel that the brain is very complex and is able to store information that we inherit from our parents and previous generations, stretching back through time. So memories are locked away in the mind and, with the right tools, we can learn how to access them. Perhaps this overlaps with the theories on the Collective Unconscious by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung?

What will a session of past life regression hypnosis be like?

During a past life regression session, the hypnotherapist gently guides you into a deeply relaxing trance. It’s important to remember that the client is in full control; hypnotic trance does not feel like you are transported off somewhere or that you are being controlled. Hypnosis is simply a way of relaxing into a daydreamy state where you can access parts of your mind that may normally be hidden to you.

You are able to snap out of this trance whenever you want. Most people find the process deeply relaxing and extremely enjoyable. For more information on hypnosis, you can watch my video here. Or please feel free to contact me by phone or email and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

What are the benefits of past life regression hypnosis?

Firstly, it has to be said that some clients who work with me to experience past life hypnotherapy are not necessarily doing so to gain any therapeutic benefit. They are simply interested in finding out more about their past lives and are doing so to get a broader knowledge about themselves.

It’s possible that they may have had some niggling in the back of their mind that they have been here before (indeed, that feeling may be quite strong in some people, to the point where I would say they are quite certain they have been here before).

“Learning lessons from the past so that we may enjoy a better future.”

Others wish to find out more about past life regression as a form of therapy and personal growth. For them, it's a way of understanding the way they feel and to try and find explanations and insight. In this respect, past life regression hypnosis is a logical extension of the therapy they may already have done with me, for example, Inner Child Healing, Trauma work and Intergenerational Trauma (please see below for an explanation of some of these terms). Clients usually find the experience of past life regression deeply therapeutic and healing.

Does past life regression work online?

Yes, past life regression works very well online. Indeed, all hypnosis is very effective online. However, if you prefer to see me face to face, I also welcome people to my therapy practice in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Is there a connection between inner child healing, intergenerational trauma and past life regression?

I am a highly experienced hypnotherapist and have been practising Inner Child Healing therapy for a great number of years. Through this process, I found that clients would sometimes slip into previous lives and I made a decision to research this and to develop my work in this area. I also became aware that it is very common for problems to echo down through the generations, passed on from one person to a child and then to a grandchild.

This can leave the client with a feeling that they somehow have this problem locked into their DNA, or are cursed to bear this problem for the rest of their life. Happily, this is not true, and Intergenerational Trauma Therapy and Inner Child Healing Therapy can break this chain once and for all and allow you to continue to live your life in a more positive and balanced way.

Science seems to feel more magical each day and there is plenty of scientific research currently exploring the existence of other dimensions, parallel universes and challenging our current ideas of what time is. The more we find out about the mysteries of the universe and the complexity of the human brain, the more mind-blowing it becomes (if you will pardon the pun)! For this reason, I prefer to focus my attention on the very real benefits of working with clients using past life regression. This includes the very noticeable positive changes I usually see in my clients following a session.

Find out more about Inner Child Healing, watch my video or get in contact here.

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St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1
Written by Andrew Pearson, MSc, NSTT
St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1

Andrew Pearson has many years of experience as a hypnotherapist and is an expert at working with past life regression, using it both for personal growth and also therapeutically to help heal trauma. His work has featured on the BBC and ITV, and he is a contributor to The Telegraph and Metro newspapers.

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