M.E./chronic fatigue, is it really a benefit?

It is rather interesting that this debilitating condition has a common childhood profile and can be identified by simple, if slightly surreal, questions, but the focus on addressing the condition is on medical intervention.

Over the years, I have realised that challenging the premise that it is physical in nature is critical to moving forward. So that we are clear, I believe passionately that your physical health must be considered and fully explored prior to treatment, but it rarely provides a lasting way forward.

It is important to be clear, that it is my view, that this condition is psychological in nature. Again in the interests of clarity, I am not saying it is all in the mind or something the individual has made up or can exert control over.

The subconscious or unconscious mind is designed to keep you safe and all it undertakes has a purpose and benefits. Consequently, this condition must adhere to these basic concepts. Whilst my ideas may be received with a degree of hostility, it is based on extensive experience.

Hypnotherapy and coaching provide the means to challenge the underlying behaviours and belief systems that empower this condition. When an individual seriously neglects their personal well-being or threatens their own safety, M.E./chronic fatigue kicks in i.e. the subconscious or unconscious mind takes control to prevent further harm/damage.

Regaining control of your life is achieved by learning to reconnect and express your emotions again, taking a less critical view of yourself and learning to accept who you are. Whilst it is not an easy pathway to follow, it does provide a way to be kind to yourself and enjoy your life again.

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