Manage festive season eating

Here we are preparing for the time of year when we have a tendency to stuff ourselves whist convincing ourselves it is ok because it is the festive period.

How many of us have experienced that bloated feeling and taken our belts out a notch or two in preparation for more unrequired food?

We dread gaining that extra weight.

Some people crash diet before Christmas so they can eat more. Crazy I know!

Diets work on the body not the mind.

Weight management can be a large part of a hypnotherapists work schedule so let me share some tips and techniques to help you through this period. I want you to be able to eat any foods not just those you have been told you can eat. The secret is eating less of it.

  • Wait until you are genuinely hungry
  • If feeling hungry between meals, test it by drinking a glass of water
  • Dehydration and hunger feel the same
  • If after drinking the water you still feel hungry, eat something
  • Eat slowly. It takes time for your mind to register you are full
  • Help yourself by placing eating utensil down between bites
  • Don’t follow others bad habits at the table
  • STOP eating when you feel full not when you feel stuffed
  • Learn to say “no thanks I have had enough"
  • Ignore the pressure of “have one more chocolate”

Some of this is obvious but we do not always pay close attention.

Our thoughts precede our action so change your thoughts and you can change your eating habits.

Here are more tips:

  • Get a mental picture of how you are going to behave in relation to eating
  • In that picture see an image of yourself as how you want to look in the future
  • When looking at your mental picture imagine how good it feels
  • When you have that good feeling touch a finger and thumb together to create a positive anchor. Open and close a few times to make it permanent
  • When you feel overpowered by the temptations on offer just close your finger and thumb and look at your mental picture and feel the good feeling
  • Now you have to make the right choice for you

If you have cravings or actually have a desire to stop yourself eating certain foods contact a Hypnotherapist for a discussion.

So now you can enjoy the festive season making right choices and eating what you choose without gaining weight.

Simple when you actually think about it,isn't it?

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