Make fear of flying lose its wings

Are you afraid of flying?

I could quote you tons of statistics about it being the safest mode of travel, and so on, but I know how useless that is. When we are afraid of something, we always think "but what if" and "with my luck." So I'm not going to do that.

Instead, I want you to know that it's one of the most common fears, despite my clients telling me "this will sound really stupid". It really doesn't, and it's great to talk about it, because if you don't, you get stuck in avoidance behaviours that make your world really small. Imagine never being able to go anywhere fun because you're scared to fly. Imagine being so terrified of taking that business trip that you have to get drunk beforehand, or self-medicate with Diazepam. There's a lot of this about and it's very sad to have our lives restricted in this way.

Where does the fear come from?

Good question.You may have been able to fly, and suddenly developed a fear. This makes us feel worse, because "I was ok before, I just don't know what happened." You may have had a lifelong fear, and sometimes this can come about from things as simple as having watched a disaster movie on tv. 
The thing is, it doesn't really matter where it came from or what the initial trigger is. We focus on the solution to the problem instead.

What are you actually scared of?

Knowing this is half the battle. It's not always the process of flying for some clients. It can be fear of heights, claustrophobia, and so on. I find a lot of clients with the latter fear are often afraid of lifts too. Sometimes, it's about thinking the absolute worst, and then panic kicks in. A hypnotherapist can work with panic too, to help you to reprogramme these thoughts. So, knowing what you're personally up against is brilliant, because when you speak to your therapist, you can tell them what you're afraid of, and how else it affects you.

How do we keep the fear going?

We are awfully good at doing this. We:

  • catastrophise
  • look at the worst case scenario 
  • avoid our triggers
  • anticipate the worst
  • try to fight it.

None of these behaviours are helpful. The way to get past your fear is to face it, acknowledge it, and then work with it to change your mindset. 

When you come for hypnotherapy, you will acknowledge that your mind is working hard to protect you. The subconscious puts solutions to us that are not always useful, as in this case, giving us a fear of flying. Or a fear of anything, for that matter.

We are only born with two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. So anything we develop seems to have a purpose, and it is usually benign, but just not very good in its methods. If you desperately don't want to go somewhere, what better way of stopping that than your mind presenting you with a fear? It does the job, doesn't it.

So, now you understand how this happens, it's time to take action. Hypnotherapy is gentle and so very effective.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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