Look good in that little black dress for party season

Seasonal weather can always have an effect in one way or another on our emotions, with the summer time bringing visions of holidays, sunshine and bikinis to mind. When we think of the summer, we tend to lean towards feelings of lightness, and wanting to be light and feel right within ourselves. This is often the most common time when people will embark upon a diet in order for them to look fantastic in that brightly coloured bikini or shorts.

By the time winter season arrives, we are feeling a little cooler and are ready to wrap up, but wait a minute! isn't it party dress season? Where we have Christmas day, office parties, friends round for lunch, as well as family gatherings, neighbours popping in and New Years Eve too! Just because it's not hot outside, needn't mean that we don't want to look and feel our best, as well as enjoy that sense of confidence that feeling and looking good can bring.  

However, we all know that the downside to this is the over eating, the over indulging in all the goodies that the shops so gleefully place in our way. After all, marketing agencies who represent our shops will spend a fortune over the entire year, just waiting to get into your head in order to entice you and convince you. Unless you have all this food, you believe your Christmas won't be quite so happy.

This is why Christmas time (lovely as it is) can be a very challenging time for most of us. Yes, we tend to enjoy all of those lovely goodies and booze, but the over-indulgence and sheer quantity of food that covers pretty much most of December (with invites, parties, and gatherings), it does tend to lead us into having those extra bits and bobs that we wouldn't normally have during any other month, including the extra food in our kitchen cupboards. 

Now we all know that over doing anything is something that throws us out of balance, and in moderation most things are ok most of the time. However, with all of the temptations that surround us, it does make it extra difficult at times for us to be mindful or to ignore that inner urge to grab another piece of that delightful cake, or that crispy roasted potato, dripping in gravy.

The good news is that not all is lost, and with the application of a little hypnosis you could be enjoying your christmas just as much as anyone else, where you will be the one who is in control! Not the shops, marketing agencies, adverts or relatives who demand you eat up a little more. No, instead you will be the one who decides what you eat, and what you choose to place in your mouth for your own reasons and your own well-being.

Imagine if you walked into a shop and spotted the perfect outfit for Christmas? Imagine how good you would feel when you slip into that outfit and feel that extra sparkle, feeling a little bit special and excited? Now imagine walking into a room or function with that same feeling. Just how good would that feel! Would you walk a little taller, or feel a little slimmer? How would it affect your choices if food was also placed in the same room?

This is the version of you at your best. You deserve to look and feel good inside, but this all starts with change.

This is the version of you at your best. You deserve to look and feel good inside, but this all starts with change. Hypnotherapy can help you gain control over the Christmas season. A hypnotherapist will help you cope with those moments of weakness, control the temptations and seasonal cravings.

Have a fantastic day!

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