Letting go of anger...

Holding on to anger can have a negative effect on your mental and physical being. It can cause physical symptoms and make you feel lost, depressed, alone and agitated. You feel you cannot concentrate and that your whole focus is directed towards anger. Feeling it, being it and speaking it.

Anger can take over if you do not release and let go of it and can affect all areas of your life. 

Do you feel like you're ready to explode at the slightest thing? Can you control your anger or are you having problems managing it? Do you feel like a time bomb waiting to explode? Having a tightness or knot in your stomach that you cannot release..

All of these symptoms could be related to anger that has not been released. This could stem from your childhood, past or present relationships, work related issues, family or friends. Or it could be down to something from the past which is buried in the subconscious mind and forgotten about. Because you haven't dealt with it, it can trigger off emotions in the present which makes you angry but you don't know why. This may lead you to take it out on the wrong person or situation - instead of dealing with it and acknowledging why you feel like this. 

If you do feel like this and more, hypnotherapy can help you release your anger and get back the control in your life.
Becoming stronger physically and mentally, more relaxed and having peace of mind.

In hypnotherapy you will become totally relaxed. This will help open up your subconscious mind to change your way of thinking from negative to positive, which will help you to release your anger and change your thought process. Hypnotherapy allows you to deal with the root of the problem in a calm, relaxed and confident manner. This will help you have a better quality of life,will improve your relationships and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

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