Is this anxiety? How can I feel less anxious?

We all need the feeling of anxiety at times, in situations such as starting in a new workplace or when meeting new people. Anxiety and stress at a certain level is natural and helps us to perform well in our lives. However, many of us experience symptoms regularly that are unhelpful to daily life such as prolonged stress or unresolved anxiety. Such feelings can prohibit you in enjoying your life to its fullest, stop you from socialising, hold you back in your career and even cause physical effects to your body.

The most common reported feelings of anxiety hypnotherapists come across are:

'I can't stop worrying. I wake in the night. I overeat. I drink too much. I smoke too much. I am not eating enough. I don't like being around too many people. I imagine the worst situation. I have racing thoughts. I just don't feel happy. I avoid social situations. I feel people are looking at me'.

When these symptoms remain for a long period it can feel difficult to cope with everyday life. The feelings of anxiety can make you feel out of control, powerless and emotionally low in mood. You may feel more irritable or be unable to fully concentrate.

What are the first steps for treating anxiety with hypnotherapy?

Once you have found a hypnotherapist, you can book in for an initial consultation session. This session is an opportunity for you and the therapist to find out if you have a good rapport, and feel comfortable working together going forward. It is in this session that the therapist will ask lots of questions to find out what it is you want from therapy, and learn about your experiences and your life. Everyone is different, and one person may experience anxiety from a conscious single event whilst another may be unaware of what causes them to feel anxious. It is in this session that you will plan together with your therapist how many sessions are likely to be needed for your desired outcome.

Why is hypnotherapy successful in treating anxiety?

Clients will often approach hypnotherapy when they have tried other avenues, such as counselling and/or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It’s not to say that other areas of therapy are not successful in treating anxiety, however hypnotherapy tends to be quicker in alleviating symptoms! Hypnotherapy works by speaking directly to your subconscious mind, and you can find that your attitude towards certain things can become more positive in a quicker time period.

How many sessions are needed for anxiety?

Therapy is tailored to each client so it is never one size fits all. We all have the internal resources to learn how to manage anxiety and stress, although some people need more time to learn how to believe in this inner strength. Clients are often surprised by the small number of sessions that are needed, as they sometimes begin therapy thinking it will take forever to change the way they are feeling! Most clients begin to feel a change after the first few sessions and as a general rule anxiety can be treated between four to six sessions.

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Written by Katie Mahey, Anxiety & Confidence Specialist

Katie Mahey is a busy Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. She runs a friendly, welcoming and confidential service. She is based in Kent, but is also available for online sessions. She works with a wide variety of conditions with both adults and children.… Read more

Written by Katie Mahey, Anxiety & Confidence Specialist

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