Is There Drama in Your Life?

Do you find yourself in some situations where you almost feel intimidated and bullied by people? Maybe you feel some people are too easily intimidated? Or perhaps you find yourself relentlessly helping people who make bad choices?

Known as the “Drama Triangle”, there are three roles that play into personal powerlessness in a type of Psychological “Game”.

The “Persecutor” is someone that usually takes an authoritarian stance and has a very critical attitude.

The “Victim” is someone very passive, who seems to just have the worst luck in the world.

The “Rescuer” is someone very nurturing and helpful.

So how do these characters interact in this “Drama Triangle”?

The Persecutor usually blames or criticises the Victim and takes on the authoritarian stance of a critical parent. The Victim feels oppressed, powerless and helpless but instead of choosing to resolve or remove themselves from the situation, they seek to find a Rescuer in order to perpetuate this position. The Rescuer, normally a person who feels guilty if they do not help others, takes on a nurturing parent role and allows the Victim to enjoy the attention from them, causing a “Secondary Gain”.

The Rescuer, now failing in their attempts to help the victim now feels dejected themselves and takes on the role of the Victim, the Victim now criticising or blaming the (previously) Rescuer now takes on the role of Persecutor.

An important way to move away from this position is to uncover those negative beliefs we may have about ourselves and seek to resolve them. These are usually beliefs we have created about ourselves during childhood or after experiencing a “Significant Emotional Event”.

Analytical Hypnotherapy and Parts Therapy are very effective in dealing with these negative beliefs and can also be used content free, i.e. where the person does not have to discuss the event/s.

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