Is hypnotherapy going to work?

Is hypnotherapy going to work? It's a general question that us hypnotherapists get asked from time to time. In short, yes - your hypnosis is going to work. However, your hypnotherapy is a process that starts from the moment you enter your first appointment. The thing with processes is that we don’t exactly understand what the process is until it has taken place. Let me give you some examples.

A client coming for weight loss hypnotherapy that states they had seen another practitioner for help with stopping smoking. It hadn’t worked, but they had been able to give up on their own a year later. They might not be completely understanding of the gradual and powerful processes that take place after attending therapy.

Hypnotherapy and the unconscious change

Unconscious changes that gradually unfolds can be very unconscious.

A hypnotherapy practitioner that suggests change at an appropriate rate and speed for you might not get always get the credit deserved for the positive changes that have taken place in your life. There are so many factors involved that can be viewed as hindsight once the positive outcome for a client comes to pass. So yes, most people will get the instant positive results they consciously desire, but others might be less obvious in the gradual changes that take place.

Change can happen quickly, and it can also unfold gradually, making the transition comfortable for you.

Clients that have been considering therapy for some time might only now feel they are in the right place to participate. You must recognise that you need space and self-permission to bring full attention to you. This happens at the right time, and you will be more consciously aware of the investment you are making this way.

Successful hypnotic outcomes should be very high, particularly if you have established the right therapist for you. Only go with the practitioner you feel drawn to. You might not be able to put your finger on the reason why. Just knowing they are the right therapist for you is often a good enough reason.

Choosing a hypnotherapist

When choosing a practitioner, follow your intuition and, above all else, trust yourself.

Choosing a hypnotherapist just based on how they look might not be the right reason. Actively digest the information they provide and intuitively decide if you can connect with that person.

Depression, anxiety, stress, and panic attacks can all be eased or completely overcome with hypnosis. When it comes to stopping smoking, gambling, drinking, and even eating issues, hypnotherapy can be more effective if you are in a place of no return. In other words, the place that says you want to stop that behaviour or habit. Otherwise, remembering the powerful processes you are undertaking could be enough to bring you to the point that, one day, you just stop or start doing what it is you consciously want to change. If not now, then in the not too distant future.

Be kind to yourself and, when considering all of the above, remember that hypnotherapy will work for you more quickly if you are open to noticing the positive effects that take place.

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Written by Silvertopaz Hypnotherapy | Brightlingsea | Clacton | John Jenkinson

Providing hypnotherapy in Brightlingsea, I also deliver hypnotherapy anywhere in the U.K as the results are just as beneficial online as they are face to face. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective method in helping you overcome life challenges and conditions, that are difficult to achieve on your own.
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Written by Silvertopaz Hypnotherapy | Brightlingsea | Clacton | John Jenkinson

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