Is exercise a magic silver bullet?

If I were to ask you if you’d like to have better-toned arms, legs and bum and to look and feel years younger, what would you say? Would you like to have more confidence and self-esteem? I imagine you would answer a resounding ‘yes’. Everyone would love these things. It definitely comes under ‘nice to have’.

Now, what about reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease, or stroke? Could you feel less stressed and overwhelmed? Well, that puts a whole new light on things; this is not just nice to have, but plain old common sense. When it comes to having stronger bones, better sleep, and better skin - what’s not to love? Together with a big boost to your immune system you probably couldn’t say no. But yet so many people do. Why? Perhaps it feels like it’s too much effort to exercise, even though it helps you to live a long and healthy life into old age, allowing you to do more of the things you love as time goes on. Whether that’s time playing with the grandchildren, or walking the Great Wall of China.

So, is it time that’s stopping you? So many people say that they don’t have enough time. When you realise the average UK resident watches thirty-five hours of TV a week, it’s hard to believe that two-and-a-half hours a week can’t be found! One of the biggest factors holding many people back is motivation. One of the biggest hurdles is simply getting started in the first place. I suggest starting with small manageable targets. Once you start to see results, once you start to feel better, and look good, the motivation comes on its own.

How can hypnotherapy help?

If there was a tablet or an injection that could provide all these benefits, I am sure we would all be rushing around trying to get one. But what if there was a way to get all these benefits, wouldn't you take it?

Hypnotherapy can get you started. It can be your secret weapon in increased motivation for change. Try not to over-think making that initial first step. As a well-known brand say’s ‘just do it’.

Hypnotherapy can provide you with the motivation to make plans, create goals and to find yourself an exercise buddy - if that's what you need. Sessions with a hypnotherapist can help boost your confidence and self-esteem and with greater confidence, you will feel more motivated. It’s a cycle that is to be encouraged.

As soon as you start to see results, as soon as you start to feel good about yourself, there will be no looking back. You can always use hypnotherapy as your back up, should your motivation need a boost from time to time.

Equipment may need to be dusted off, maybe some smart new workout gear bought, but whatever you decide, just get it started.

Finding the right hypnotherapist to work with is important. Make sure you do some research about their background, qualifications and experience. To make the process easier, you can search for professional hypnotherapists online using the Hypnotherapy Directory search tool. Many therapists now offer sessions online, which is a great way to get access to help. 

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Written by Julia Birtwistle

I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. I am a member of the hypnotherapy society and therefore bound by an ethical code of conduct and confidentiality. I am a fully qualified life coach, completing my training at the Oxford Collage of Life Coaching. I have a high rate of success, helping people achieve the best.… Read more

Written by Julia Birtwistle

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