If you want your goals to succeed

Many of us set new goals based on a growing feeling of frustration, an assessment of where we are in our lives, what we're doing, how we look and then use that dissatisfaction to determine how we'd rather be, what we'd prefer instead. Because we're already clear that we want to be fitter, more successful, more skilled, healthier we can use that feeling of unrest as the basis for making new goals for the coming weeks, months or years. And yet, how many of us actually succeed? How well thought out is our decision, how much clarity do we use in setting our goals?

Let's consider what needs to happen if you want your goals to succeed:

- Goals need to be real. For goals to succeed it's important to identify what's right for us, what would actually make us happy. Then we can begin to find a way to turn that information into a viable, sustainable action plan.

If you find that you feel guilty or uneasy about your goals, feel that you really want to follow a path but are conflicted by your decision, it may be important to address the source of your inner conflict and resolve those issues. It may be that family, teachers, siblings had strong views on what was the right or wrong path for you to follow, you were taught that life is meant to be tough, or that you feel unworthy or inadequate at introducing changes or following your own desires.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to help you deal with those voices, move on from other people's opinions and pressures and become more real, more true to your own path in life.

- Be honest with yourself. For your goals to succeed you need to be clear about your own agenda. If fame and fortune is the primary motivator then that will serve to inform the direction and choices that you make, the way you formulate your business plan, the contacts you need to make, where to direct your energies. Altruism and a desire to serve others or an interest in learning and enhancing your commitment to education and research will likewise steer you in an altogether different but relevant direction for that desired outcome to succeed.

- Focus and clarity is improved by taking the time to devise a map, a chart of the steps that you need to take to achieve your goals. This may require research and investigation in order to turn an idea into a clear plan with positive steps leading to the result you're aiming for.

Hypnotherapy can help improve your focus, enhance your ability to concentrate on what needs to be done and improve your motivation and self-belief. Even investigating ways to stop smoking, find a hypnotherapist, decide on a method that suits you indicates a serious commitment to your decision to stop smoking and gives you a better chance of succeeding in your goal.

- Writing down affirmations and goals, especially in the present tense, makes them much clearer, more likely to succeed; as in 'I am a non-smoker, I enjoy living life as a positive, healthy non-smoker'. This enables you to see yourself in the present, having successfully overcome obstacles and challenges, living the dream. A positive mindset helps you maintain your enthusiasm, see your goal as a clear, attainable result.

- Visualisation can serve to reinforce your affirmations. Using self-hypnosis to visualise your goals, seeing yourself achieving your dream, perhaps slimmer, more successful, delivering that presentation, driving with confidence, successfully managing stress can help to reinforce your image of how you want to be, keep you motivated and help you retain the clarity and self-belief as you focus on the steps you need to take to success.

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with doubt or negative self talk, become more focussed and really clarify what it is that you're striving to achieve. Underlying issues, fears and failures can sometimes cloud the picture, contaminate your focus and cause self-doubt and uncertainty to stop or block your progress. Hypnotherapy can support you along your journey to succeeding in your goals.

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Written by Lifestyle Therapy - Susan Leigh

Established in 1988, Susan Leigh works with individuals, couples and in business. She helps individuals to overcome their old unwanted patterns of behaviour and become more confident and positive in their lives, works with couples to improve their communications and mutual understanding and provides workshops and presentations for business clients on managing stress, team building, so supporting i… Read more

Written by Lifestyle Therapy - Susan Leigh

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