Hypnotherapy versus anti-depressant pills

Depression is one of the more complicated mental health issues. It is associated with low moods, low productivity, isolation, low energy, self-destructive behaviour, suicidal thoughts and suicide. How many people are affected, relationships ruined, families damaged all because of this crippling affliction? Well, according to UK Clinical Trials Gateway website (https://www.ukctg.nihr.ac.uk/trials/) 'depression is a very common, serious and in some cases life-threatening condition, affecting around 350 million people globally. Depression... has been predicted to become the greatest cause of disability worldwide by 2030 .' 

The most common treatment for depression is a course of anti-depressants, I know some people who have been taking them for years. They do work for most but here are the side effects of those medications as described on the NHS website:

  • feeling agitated, shaky or anxious.
  • feeling and being sick.
  • indigestion and stomach aches.
  • diarrhoea or constipation.
  • loss of appetite.
  • dizziness.

Weight gain is not uncommon and I have seen the effects on some people in my close circles too. Lauren Slater in her article in Daily Mail from 19th March 2018 (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5520025/The-REAL-legacy-lifetime-depression-pills.html#ixzz5CmCHuKg4) described the effects that she had to suffer: 'the problem with the olanzapine is that it intensified my appetite beyond satiation'. 

So when in my training and practice I found that hypnotherapy is an effective way of dealing with depression I thought 'Bingo', especially because there are no side effects which are often caused by anti-depressants.

When I first experienced hypnosis (at a taster session for my hypnotherapy course at John Dewar Hypnotherapy School) I did feel a certain degree of scepticism which made the whole experience slightly surreal. But even through this filter of negativity, I saw the light, I saw the real potential of this powerful tool which has been developed and researched widely in the world for many decades.

The subsequent hypnosis and self-hypnosis sessions proved to be much more straightforward and soon I discovered that my subconscious mind is not only always processing everything that is happening to me and around me but also it always, absolutely always has my back. There is no negativity, no critical voices, - only pure light and love that is hidden deep inside us. And hypnotherapy is an excellent way to access and utilise these resources with life-changing results. 

After witnessing the results of both hypnotherapy and pills I have no doubts whatsoever as to which treatment is more desirable. What would you choose?

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