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Hypnotherapy – Is Success in One Session Really Possible?

Some hypnotherapists claim to achieve complete success in only one session of hypnotherapy but can it really be done?

Just imagine, you’ve been a chain-smoker, for example, for the past forty years. Surely such a deeply rooted problem should take weeks or even months to cure. Well, no; that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, the length of time a client has been a smoker is irrelevant to the cure. So is the fact that he or she is a heavy smoker. The client could be a 40-a-day addict or someone who just has a cigarette now and again (but would prefer not to have any). Either way, it makes no difference to the hypnotherapy.

What does make a difference, however, is how badly the client wants to break the habit. It may be surprising to learn that the hypnotherapist cannot make the client do anything that he or she doesn’t actually want to do.

It’s crucial for the client to be committed to giving up smoking, (or losing weight, gaining confidence or for whatever reason he or she is seeing a hypnotherapist). Hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure but it is an excellent method of helping people to help themselves.

The hypnotic state occurs naturally just before we drop off to sleep and just as we are waking and, by inducing and prolonging this naturally relaxed state in the client, the hypnotherapist can access the subconscious and “feed in” the information that’s going to help the client to achieve their goal. This, in turn, helps to strengthen the will-power of the client.

Depending on his or her level of commitment, our client, (who wants to give up smoking), could well leave the hypnotherapy session as a non-smoker!

It has to be said that, occasionally, a client might find that they start to “slip back” and can benefit from a second, “booster” session of hypnotherapy. However, only the client can tell if they might need a second session. (There is no way the hypnotherapist can tell in advance). However, in the hands of a skilled hypnotherapist, many clients won’t need a second session.

So, is success in one session of hypnotherapy really possible? Absolutely!

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