Hypnotherapy for weight management

There are many men and women of all cultures and ages that have lost weight successfully through fad diets, but have all managed to put the weight back on within a short space of time. We all know that there are hundreds of diets that are broadcasted in the media ranging from the Atkins diet, the onion soup diet, the three day diet and the cabbage soup diet...the list is endless. However, with these diets the weight always creeps back on over a period of time. The problem with these diets is that these individuals never deal with the root cause of their weight gain. We know that to lose weight we need to change our eating habits, which can be easier said than done. Hypnotherapy can deal with what causes you to overeat and give you control over your choices.

When these individuals make contact with a hypnotherapist they ask questions like; “what can hypnosis do to create long-lasting weight loss?”; “how do I lose weight once and for all?”; “how successful are the results?” The therapist should explain to each individual that the success of their hypnotherapy session depends on them and how motivated they are to make changes to their lifestyle. The therapist is just there to facilitate the changes by tapping into their subconscious mind, but it is up to the individual client to do all the hard work and to make the changes become reality.

What is the subconscious mind and hypnosis? Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness and a form of deep relaxation, and the individual is aware of the suggestions the hypnotherapist is giving. Hypnotherapists will use very positive language to help you to achieve the ideal weight for you, usually using visualisation for you to see yourself looking slimmer, feeling fitter and healthier. During hypnosis the conscious mind is inhibited and the subconscious mind is awoken. It is the ultimate means of achieving your desired goals by programming the subconscious mind to work in co-operation with the conscious mind so only the positive ideas you choose can remain implanted after hypnosis. It can help to re-programme behaviour, remove negative thoughts or emotions and it can change your eating habits. It is in this relaxed state that you can take very positive suggestions to help you to make healthier choices and feel more motivated to achieving your ideal weight.

There has been some great success in achieving an individual's ideal weight through hypnosis, and many have managed to keep the weight off as the therapist addresses the root cause of the individual's weight gain. Many individuals experience low self esteem, have had a loss or trauma so they can turn to food for comfort. Quite often hypnotherapy for weight loss is not a one session approach as all of the issues need to be addressed to achieve optimum results. Often individuals that refuse to deal with issues adding to their weight gain fail to lose the weight or to maintain their target.

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Written by Manjit Ruprai

Hi there, my name is Manjit. I am a qualified and highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist. I work with people from all walks of life. I have helped many people who have struggled with weight, phobias, anxiety, pain, stop smoking, confidence building, finding lost items through hypnosis and many more. My work has also grown in working with victims of narcissistic abuse.
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Written by Manjit Ruprai

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