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Hypnotherapy for tinnitus: a joined up approach

Do you suffer with Tinnitus or know someone who does? This article will provide an introduction to tinnitus and hypnotherapy.

Tinnitus is not a disease but it is considered an uncomfortable and often distressing condition where the sufferer hears noises from one or both ears. The noise comes from the auditory system so is nothing to do with external noises. Sounds vary for different people  - some people say they hear hissing noises while other people hear a ringing sound. The intensity of sound also varies. So its not surprising that this continuing noise makes people feel stressed.

Tinnitus is caused by many things including excessive loud noises, age-related hearing loss, some diseases and disorders, ear infections, impacted ear wax and injuries so it is very important that anyone with tinnitus should check with their doctor before consulting with a hypnotherapist.

Treatment can be a joined up approach so may include medication, sound therapy and retraining, and hypnotherapy. It's about treating the whole person so may also involve lifestyle changes.

Hypnotherapy is tailored to the individual's needs. It can involve suggestions and analysis to help the person with reducing stress, anxiety and anger, feelings of isolation, lack of concentration and sleeping problems. It depends on how much distress the tinnitus causes as to how many sessions are required. Some people may feel better with two or three sessions while other people may need eight sessions. Getting to know the hypnotherapist is important to understand how they work. Sessions often are at weekly intervals.

During the consultation assessments are made. The client can sit or lay down and the hypnotherapist speaks to them in a certain way to encourage positive change. This is usually a very relaxing time when the client has the opportunity to discuss the impact that the tinnitus is having on their lives and relax. Many hypnotherapists help clients to learn self-hypnosis. This is also valuable because the person gives themselves permission to relax and use their mind to distract and manage or reduce the noises between sessions. As a bonus some hypnotherapists give clients hypnosis CDs to listen to between weekly sessions.

Hypnotherapists cannot guarantee that the noises produced with tinnitus will disappear yet hypnosis has been used for many years to help people find ways that they can rid themselves of  the distress of tinnitus and to feel better.

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Written by Linda Witchell FHS Specialist in anxiety and bereavement issues

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Written by Linda Witchell FHS Specialist in anxiety and bereavement issues

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