Hypnotherapy for new and expectant fathers

When a woman becomes pregnant and has a baby, a range of different support options become available to her: from seeing her midwife to antenatal classes, to parent support groups and activities. For men however these are not so readily available and accessible to them. There is however increasing research to suggest that men, like women, can develop anxiety and depression both before their baby is born and afterward. This can leave a new or expectant father feeling isolated and unsure where to turn.

Over time the role of men has changed within the family unit and men are now often expected to take on far more of a hands-on parenting role. This can at times be daunting, particularly if you haven’t had a male role model in your life that demonstrated these skills. Lack of sleep from night feeding or an unsettled baby, combined with increased commitments at home, along with having to go to work can trigger negative emotions and lower your resilience to deal with day to day situations.

Many new or expectant fathers also feel an increased pressure and added responsibility to provide financially, which can add to the feeling of becoming overwhelmed by the change in your lifestyle.

From the moment a lady conceives, relationships begin to change. Your partners hormones can have a profound impact on her mood and some men find it very difficult to navigate through these emotions and the change in expectations. New and expectant fathers also may also feel a real need to protect their partners and their child, which is natural, however this can also become consuming and unhelpful if it takes over your thoughts. This can worsen if the labouring experience for either the birth of this baby or a previous child has been particularly traumatic or complex.

When your baby is born, you and your partner develop new roles as parents. This can be a wonderful experience but it may also highlight differences in your expectations as parents and how you want to raise your child, as well as drawing attention to differences in your own upbringings. This can lead to conflict unless you can find ways to work together; something that is particularly difficult with lack of sleep!

When your baby is born there is an expectation for you to bond with your baby. This can come with a range of emotions and may not be the happy event that you hoped for. It may be accompanied by feelings of guilt, fear or indifference to your baby. This can be very hard to communicate with others.

There is good news however!  

An increasing number of men are turning to hypnotherapy to help either as part of a hypnobirthing programme with their partners or as an individual.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help equip you with skills and coping strategies so that you can enjoy and thrive within your new role.

Your hypnotherapist will work with you on a tailored program to suit your needs, which may include:

  • Overcoming fear, stress and anxiety.
  • Developing confidence within your parenting role.
  • Strategies for coping with changes in relationships.
  • Overcoming difficulties in sleeping.
  • Regaining balance within your life.
  • Bonding with your baby.
  • How to overcome fear of childbirth and your role during labour.

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Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 3SW
Written by Debbie Ison, Advanced Hypnotherapist GHR, NLP Trainer, IEMT, TFT, ADH
Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 3SW

Debbie Ison is a clinical hypnotherapist with a background in education. She has had 3 children of her own, which has led to her passion in helping new and expectant parents with this important change in their life.

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