Feeling depressed? Get back to being yourself with hypnotherapy

Depression is something that most people experience at some point in their life. It can vary in degree, from mild or moderate depression through to prolonged and deep emotional depression.


People that are depressed can often pinpoint the time they first started to feel depressed. This might be caused by a change in life situation or circumstances. For example, the breakdown of a relationship is said to be the number one thing that people associate as the start of their depression.

Whilst apathy and low self-esteem are contributors to a depressed feeling. The true emotion that keeps it alive is that of “futility”. When you are depressed your life and efforts to feel happier, will have been peppered with that futile feeling that the long term depressed endure.

Symptoms of depression

Here are some of the symptoms that depressed people have to cope with:

  • anxiety
  • shaking hands
  • intense feelings of fear
  • emotional knots in your stomach
  • feeling sick
  • tiredness
  • low or increased appetite
  • weight increase
  • weight loss

Once our thinking becomes negative it can automatically roll into a thinking pattern that creates one negative thought after another. This is like fuel to our negative beliefs and of course how we then perceive the world. After some time a person can become so used to the “background” or unconscious state of negativity that they don’t actually recognise it as depression.

"Our mind tends to play 'snap' with the world around us. When we notice one or two positive things we start to notice another and then another."

It isn’t that uncommon that a client has been depressed for a decade or more and it is a real shame when this has happened. With the right understanding and approach, hypnotherapy really can help.

Sometimes there will be an unconscious avoidance strategy or trauma that needs to be re-identified in order for a client to fully recover. Trauma can be caused by a specific event or experience. Or it can accumulate over time resulting in deep fear of your feelings type avoidance strategy.

People that feel this way will need a level of therapeutic ability that might not be readily available. For example, a hypnotherapist that has experienced this level of depression might be better placed to help.

When we understand we know how to help

Hypnotherapy has the unique ability to create a safe and comfortable basis for you face any feeling that might be bothering you. Whatever your level of depression, by re-programming your subconscious mind to become more positive and stopping negative thinking consciously, you can start to become happier again. It does not matter how long you have felt depressed or how futile your situation might feel. By programming your mind positively it will start feeling as though you are washing away any negative feelings that are on your mind.

Once your hypnotherapy is underway you will begin to develop more self-awareness. This, in turn, will allow you to approach yourself from a different place. A starting point that can set you up positively for many years to come. No matter how bad life may feel it really can and does get better. You can get back to being yourself again.

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All therapists are verified professionals