Hypnotherapy can help tackle anxieties

We have all felt anxiety. Many refer to anxiety as the emotion of stress but In real terms, anxiety is many things. It is certainly a mixture of emotions.
Throughout our lifetime we go through many changes. These can be circumstantial or financial. We can change jobs or find ourselves living in an entirely different country. Yes, you might even be quarantined to protect yourself from a global pandemic.

With busy lives, most will feel anxiety about the things they cannot or have not changed. When we think about something we need to change or consider tasks we need to perform well in. It is then that we tend to feel anxiety.


When is anxiety a problem?

It is all to do with the feelings you have about your emotions. This may sound a little confusing. But anxiety is a problem when we don’t feel that good about it.

For example in the height of anxiety have you ever tried to tell yourself to stop feeling it? If you did, it probably didn’t work out for you. Or have you ever taken the old age advice of living in the now? It’s a great idea and lovely when you can pull it off. But a little impractical when you have to work, look after the children and fit in your trips to the gym to lose some weight. Pressure can build over time in this way.

Feel good about what you are feeling

Hypnotherapy can help with these kinds of dilemmas. By tackling the unconscious mind it will positively program you to feel good about your feelings. By giving your mind new styles of thinking, you will be less inclined to push away your uncomfortable feelings that cause anxiety.

It is popularly known these days as “mindfulness”. Facing the way you feel and accepting life more as it happens. This way you can be less reliant on the way you think it should be. You start to tap into a new sense in personal freedom this way.

Hypnotherapy can help tackle past anxieties

Often a client has old and buried emotions they have been trying to avoid for many years. These all go into the pot of anxiety that can build over our lifetime. Hypnosis can help you to let go of these old emotions. Giving you that feeling of freshness and even a feeling of general happiness. You might have certain situations that cause anxiety. Even the thought of a person you are trying to avoid can set it off.

The positive suggestions given to you during your hypnotherapy session might have you wondering why you were ever bothered about these things in the first place.

We all know the world isn’t perfect and at some point or other a little anxiety here and there is almost guaranteed. But let’s keep it to a “little”. It really isn’t necessary to feel the dark feelings of fear, depression and panic that are all associated with anxiety. By feeling confident in your emotions. Hypnosis will build your resilience. You can establish your own inner defence mechanism to the negative emotions that might have bothered you your whole life.

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Written by John Jenkinson, Hypnotherapy | Brightlingsea | Chelmsford
Brightlingsea, Colchester CO7 & Chelmsford CM1

Providing hypnotherapy in Brightlingsea, I also deliver hypnotherapy anywhere in the U.K as the results are just as beneficial online as they are face to face. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective method in helping you overcome life challenges and conditions, that are difficult to achieve on your own.

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