Hypnotherapy for addictions

What causes some people to become obsessed with a certain substance or behaviour while other people with the same exposure to the addictive substances or behaviour don’t become obsessed?

The answer is very simple; the substance or behaviour does something very important for the people that end up becoming addicted. The substance or behaviour becomes a metaphoric “crutch” for the people that become addicted to these substances or behaviours. Those people that do not become addicted do not have the same need for a crutch and as such never become obsessed with the addictive substances or behaviours.

Exactly what an addictive substance or behaviour does for each addicted person will be different for each individual, as each individual has a unique experience. This calls for a custom made therapy for each person wanting to free themselves from addictions.

Generally, a good approach to dealing with addictions would be to proceed in three phases:

  • Phase one would be to identify exactly what the drug or behaviour is doing for the client that is so important and to understand how this need came about.

  • Phase two would be to help the client to remove the need for the substance or behaviour once it’s fully understood.

  • Phase three would be to help the client stop using the substance or behaviour and to remove the habit portion of the addiction.

It would be a bad idea to try to remove the substance or behaviour from the addicted individual until the first two phases have been achieved, in the same way as it would be a bad idea (and a cruel practice) to remove a crutch from someone with a broken leg. The person with the addiction would just be motivated to find a different and maybe more powerful crutch.

Once the person with the addiction understands the reason for the addiction, this person would be more motivated to working towards removing the specific need for the addiction.

Once the need for the addiction is removed, the person will be more motivated to end the harmful substance use or behaviour.

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