Hypnotherapy: Fear of flying

Imagine booking a well-earned trip away, is the lead up to the holiday full of excitement and happiness? Are you fully enjoying the packing experience and the guilt-free holiday shopping?

Or is it fraught with anxiousness and worry?

For some people, the worry begins as early as the booking of the holiday – or even as early as the initial suggestion. Fear, panic and anxiousness can start as soon as the idea is mentioned, continue all the way through the holiday and again on the return trip, with the person only feeling relief once they are home.

That seems more like torture and torment than a refreshing or enlightening break away!

Why would anyone choose to do that?

Many people who experience a fear of flying have no choice other than to put themselves through that stress: they travel for work, to visit relatives, to please friends and family members who want to go on holidays and so on.

At any of the below points, do you feel anxious or fearful?

  • at the booking stage
  • packing
  • journey to the airport
  • arriving at the airport
  • waiting
  • checking in
  • waiting
  • boarding the plane
  • take off
  • actual flight
  • landing
  • throughout the holiday
  • repeat for return journey.

It is said that flying is safer than driving – but this knowledge does not necessarily help a person who is fearful of flying. Our conscious minds work on logic, whereas our subconscious minds work with feelings and emotions. In the battle between emotion and logic, emotion will often win. The subconscious will win and often the fear can grow if not dealt with, causing the person to get worse with every trip away.

As such, hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to overcome the fears. Hypnotherapy will help you explore where your fear is actually coming from and help you release the worry.

Surely with the increasing popularity of travel, people with a fear of flying simply have no choice, or do they? Hypnotherapy has helped many fearful travellers overcome their fear of flying so that they are calm, relaxed or even excited about the flight. It may be able to help you too.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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