Hypnotherapy and Cancer

Many people with cancer have talked to me about their feelings and how difficult it is to truly express them, and, how difficult it is to find anyone that will really listen.

Despair, depression, powerlessness, isolation, guilt, anxiety, fear - when you want to be strong these are often the feelings that are making you weak.

I also get the sense that when you have cancer you don’t just have to cope with your own overwhelming emotions, you also have to look after the feelings of everyone around you – your family, your friends and the army of people whose job it is to care for you.

It's not just emotions - with the overwhelming feelings that you may well be experiencing come all the physical symptoms too. These may result directly from the disease or the medication you are taking to tackle it.

Hypnotherapy helps many people with cancer and I really hope it will help you too.

People tell me that it’s so important to be able to find a period of time away from all the pressures, anxieties and fears that accompany their life with cancer. Through hypnosis I can help you relax and rest, and enable you to reach a calm and peaceful state - that state is in your mind, right where you need it to be.

As well as the incredibly important ability to relax there are specific aspects of cancer care that hypnotherapy can help with including:

  • pain
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • anger
  • guilt
  • futility
  • frustration
  • loss of self-esteem.

I am sure that your health professionals are always emphasising how important it is to have a positive psychological outlook – hypnotherapy is brilliant at helping you achieve just that.

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