Hypnosis or EMDR to solve your big issues

Around the world, millions of people use different techniques to overcome big issues in their lives. Hypnosis has proven to be one of the most popular thanks to its simplicity, effectiveness, and safety in helping people overcome bad habits, lower the stress and anxiety they feel, and help them to achieve their goals.

In addition to hypnosis, EMDR is becoming quite popular in helping those who have big issues find the right way to succeed.

What is EMDR?

Standing for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), this is a therapy that helps people overcome big issues and transform their lives. First developed in the late 1980s, EMDR has become more popular with therapists who seek to help those that are being held back by psychological issues that they cannot break on their own.

In conjunction with EMDR, hypnosis has also spread out from its origins in helping to focus the mind to help people in their time of need. From ending procrastination to quitting smoking to finding their focus before the big event, hypnosis and EMDR are two simple, powerful methods that people can use to address the big issues in their lives.

How hypnosis and EMDR can help you

You do not have to choose between hypnosis or EMDR, you can choose both if you like depending on the issues that you are facing. While different in terms of techniques, the result that both treatments provide means basically the same results.

Safe: there are no drugs, no dangerous treatments to using either hypnosis or EMDR to address your issues. Both work on the power of your mind to overcome what you are facing and reach your goals, so there are no side effects, no unwanted results when using either treatment. You may want to choose which one to try first or receive advice from a trained professional on which one might work best for you.

Effective: the results that hypnosis and EMDR have provided speak for themselves. This means that you can use either treatment and be confident in success thanks to their proven track record. Despite their effectiveness, nothing is 100%, so you will need to focus and commit to giving either method the best chance of success.

Versatile: what really makes both methods desirable is just how versatile they are in addressing different issues. Both will work in different situations which means that if you are facing new challenges, you can still rely on either technique to help get you through. For the many who have tried either or both, it means having the luxury of using the techniques to address the new issues in their lives.

You can choose either or both methods to help you address big issues that have held you back in life. Whether you are suffering from a traumatic event, facing up to a bad habit or behaviour that has put your health at risk, or if you want to overcome your fear and lead the life that you want, hypnosis and EMDR are two proven techniques that can help you achieve your goals.

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Written by Biodun Ogunyemi, Certified Master Hypnotherapist ANLP,BNLP,SNLP,C.H,Dip.Hyp
Glasgow G2 & London W1H

Biodun Ogunyemi is the founder of Optimind, one of the leading hypnotherapy practices within the UK. He has practised on Harley Street and is an experienced hypnotherapist, trained to the highest level in advanced hypnotherapy and NLP and is the author of over 180 hypnosis products.

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