Hypnosis can help your 'fear spread thinly'

As most people know, and science has woken up to the fact, mind and body work together. What happens in one affects the other. Do you wake up with a mild feeling of apprehension or are you worried about something? Do you have a fear of an object, a location, a creature, or a particular activity? You may even have a memory of an event that happened in your past that floods your mind, making you feel low, depressed, isolated or not understood. These are all responses coming from a part of your mind which is trying to protect you from what it has interpreted as 'danger'.

Unfortunately that part of your mind does not do a 'little bit' of danger, or a 'lot of danger'. It is not that sophisticated. It's left over from our reptilian/mammalian times and is hot wired into our preservation neurological circuits which operate so fast, getting the legs ready to run, increasing the heart and breathing rate and closing down the stomach (as you don't need to eat when running for your life). All this occurs before we have a conscious awareness that this is happening.

Sometime in your past, most likely when you were a child, an event or events have occurred which have resulted in you being shocked, frightened, or somebody you saw has responded in that way. Your sub-conscious mind, which is there to protect you, has registered this and is now working to prevent you from experiencing that feeling again. However, the only response your sub-conscious mind can activate is fear, and as it cannot determine the appropriate level, it gives you the 'full works'. Your logical, reasoning conscious mind becomes aware of this 'fear' and attempts to ignore it, to suppress it, and that is what your symptoms are, suppressed 'fear spread thinly'.

Medication will calm you down, but doesn't take away the mind's interpretation of the events that triggered what is called the 'fight or flight' response in the first place. That is where hypnosis is so effective, it provides a safe drug free method of relaxing the conscious mind, allowing the logical reasoning critical part of the mind to work with the sub-conscious mind. This enables the events that trigger the response to be identified and worked through by the client consciously, thus preventing them from being triggered in the future. When the emotional response is resolved through hypnosis, the mind and body are in a sense re-born, enabling a moving on in life which had previously been impossible.

You therefore do not have to continue with these underlying issues that are causing you the problems in your life. When you are ready to do something positive about your situation, seek out a fully qualified hypnotherapist who is registered and regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. This will show that they meet national occupational standards and abide by a rigorous code of conduct.

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