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Hypnosis can help achieve the right mindset to quit smoking

How you go about successfully quitting smoking has a lot to do with your mindset. In this article we explore how hypnosis achieves just that - helping you to quit for good.

If you are a smoker you may have decided that after a heavy Christmas period of drinks, parties, socialising and merry making, you are going to quit smoking.

Maybe this isn't the first time that you attempted to quit?

Perhaps in the back of your mind you recall feeling full of resolve from the last time? After the first few hours or days without a cigarette, you can remember that sinking feeling... Some people likening it to a sense that something is missing in their life. A feeling of loss and denial.

Many smokers recall how they felt grumpy, irritable and nothing they could do (whether it was patches, nicotine gum, e-cigarettes or herbal cigarettes) took away their cravings.

Even if this is the first time that you have decided to quit, you perhaps have held in the back of your mind key phrases and words, such as:

  • addicted to tobacco
  • lack of willpower
  • weight gain.

All of which reinforces into the subconscious part of your brain, just how difficult it is to actually stop smoking. In effect, creating your very own hypnotic suggestion that it is all going to be an unpleasant, difficult slog.

The very nature of smoking as an oral habit satisfies the feeling of making us feel better. Many smokers report how smoking calms them down, how they look forward to their first cigarette, or that cigarette at the end of the working day, with a glass of beer or wine.

By deciding to go and have hypnosis to stop smoking, you will have the opportunity to explore with the hypnotherapist how being a non-smoker will benefit you personally.

As well as improved health, more money in your pocket, setting a good example to your children and possibly pleasing your partner. It is an opportunity to examine other benefits for you and to explore your preconceived ideas or any difficulties you are expecting.

Many smokers have benefited quitting smoking with the aid of hypnosis. The process works on two levels. Firstly the hypnotherapist establishes positive feelings to help get your subconscious mind to feel excited and look forward to all the numerous benefits for you.

Additionally, a series of reinforcing hypnotic suggestions to sooth and reassure your belief system that you will not think about smoking; with little willpower required, no cravings, no weight gain and no other negative side effects.

Secondly, the hypnotherapist will plant a variety of suggestions and affirmations to help you to feel confident and relaxed with a general feeling of well-being. For example to have more energy,  increased motivation to help you achieve your goal of being a non smoker.

Interested in quitting for good? If hypnotherapy seems like it may be the best route for you, it is highly recommended that before you book your appointment, you like the sound of the hypnotherapist. An initial consultation is often recommended so you feel comfortable to go ahead. Feeling confident with your chosen hypnotherapist is an essential consideration towards achieving success and quitting smoking long-term.

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Written by Nicola Menage - Specialising in Anxiety

Nicola Menage, Motivational Hypnotherapist specialises in working with adults to help them get back safely to feeling in control of their lives. She is a fully qualified hypnotherapist, practicing for the past 12 years, based in Oxfordshire .Nicola is an inspirational public speaker and authorof Mind Your Language Seven Steps to Success.… Read more

Written by Nicola Menage - Specialising in Anxiety

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