Hypnosis - a powerful motivational tool

Hypnotherapy can help with motivation. Most of us start with good intentions to lose weight, take up exercise, stop smoking or change our lives in one way or another, only to find that the motivation has vanished some time later. Putting pressure on ourselves to do something different can add more stress, so we need to understand our real motivations and understand the reasons for doing what we do before we can achieve our goals. 

Hypnotherapy helps many people with procrastination, mental blocks and helps to develop strong self-motivation skills, It can help by redefining how you think about yourself and what you want to achieve. 

How do we maintain motivation and make positive changes? Neuroscience suggests that motivation is a kind of positive reward for accomplishing something - “If I stop smoking I will have more energy and be more confident”. Other theories say the opposite; "If I don’t do something about my smoking then something negative might happen" for example, “I had better stop smoking or I will die of a heart attack like my uncle did”.

Achieving our goals and thinking of positive outcomes generally motivates us more than negative outcomes. Why do we fail to fulfil our goals, while being able to see the benefits of reaching our target goal?

Although there are many reasons, it is essential to set the right goals to begin with. Goal-setting theory says that although we all have drive to reach our target goal, we need to be aware of how effective it is, this can depend on, is the goal well-defined? What is the distance of the goal? Is it difficult to achieve? And how realistic is the goal?

If you’re looking to lose weight, take up running, wanting to quit smoking or achieve anything in life, your mental approach is fundamental. This is where hypnotherapy and taking steps to improve your mind set makes a lot of sense. More and more people are turning to hypnosis in order to improve their motivation and this is providing them with the right tools to improve their life.

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Written by Christine Beardwood

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