Hypno-relaxation is quite a new concept which is developing, associating hypnosis and relaxation.

We all are facing today a high level of chronic stress in our daily life. The stress sources vary from our personal environment with our family, social environment with friends and work, societal environment: cultural pressure, work, physical appearance... The international environment with political and environmental issues massively transmitted by numerous media. We live a life when most of us are connected all the time to social media.

Stress is good and natural. Chronic stress heavily contributes to illnesses, sleep issues, aggressivity, eating disorders, depression, anxiety... Men, women, adults and children suffer from it. The figures are concerning and increasing.

There is a fact which explains very simply why hypno-relaxation helps to appease all the above symptoms: The sympathetic nervous system is activated in a stressful situation, the parasympathetic system takes the lead when you are relaxed.

It is not possible to be stressed and relaxed at the same time. Relaxation triggers the parasympathetic nervous system. When you are relaxed, the stress lowers rapidly.

As you know, the silences in the music partition enhance the melody and in the same way, our pause moments enhance those when we act.

In a few words, hypnosis is a safe, natural, dream-like state of altered awareness during which you keep control at all times. Powerful and supporting suggestions free and enhance your inner resources.
Once you are in the hypnotic trace, then some positive and powerful suggestions are given for you to enhance your inner strengths.

The neuro pathways in the brain work with repetiton. The more you do something, the easier it is for you brain to reach the wanted result. Here, deep relaxation.

The 'letting go' factor brings a sense of calmness that, step by step, lasts longer than the session itself; and benefits are felt in different domains of life.

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