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How to use hypnosis to re-train your mind and lose weight

Weight-loss is a prominent feature in our everyday lives. It’s everywhere - in the papers, in magazines and on the TV. We are all concerned about the health epidemic of obesity that has swept across the US and is now affecting the UK.

Many people battle with their weight, trying every diet under the sun with mixed and unsustainable results. Many products may claim sensational weight-loss miracles without exercise or changing any eating habits. However almost all weight-loss experts agree that the key to long-term, healthy weight management lies in a permanent lifestyle change.

What’s not immediately obvious is that weight-loss results are actually driven by our thinking. If your thinking is empowering you will succeed, however if you focus on failing and sabotaging your results, then guess what? That is exactly what will happen. If you don’t believe you can lose weight, then you won’t!

If you want to lose weight, then now is the time to discover a new way to make it easy to create changes at the unconscious level using hypnosis to create new beliefs, new behaviours and take control of your life. With hypnosis, you can hardwire into your neurology the kind of thinking and beliefs that support you to easily achieve your weight-loss goals, meaning you can reach a healthy weight.

How does hypnosis work?

The unconscious or subconscious mind has endless capabilities. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are accepted tools designed for being able to tap into the unconscious mind to create exquisite change.

Many people think there is something about trance and that it's really different from their 'normal' state of consciousness. This is not the case. A light trance feels the same as relaxation. Trance is a normal, natural state where you feel increasing levels of relaxation. A popular misconception is that during a trance induction, the client loses control. This is not the case either. The client is in charge and will only accept suggestions that are consistent with their own internal values and beliefs.

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