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How to define clear goals for successful weight loss

There are plenty of medical and clinical reasons why an individual can become overweight.

But by far the most common cause of weight gain is the individual’s attitude to food, or our limiting beliefs about ourselves and life. 

My first tip here then is to start with clear and positive goals, break them down and take the next step – one step at a time.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH), hypnotherapists can encourage people to focus on what they want to achieve and what they want their future to be like, rather than the problem that brought them here. When we do that we start to develop healthy and realistic goals.

To benefit from the sense of achievement your goals can give you, make sure you:

  • Break down an overall goal into smaller, measurable steps. To be clear on how to reach your goal, it helps to write down each step.
  • Once you have defined the steps, schedule each step into your calendar so you know when you're going to make it happen. Saying you will do something is not enough, be specific about when and how. 
  • You will gain confidence and motivation simply by taking action towards your goal even if you don't get the result you were looking for. Success is in the doing and not the result.
  • Give yourself credit for taking action even if it wasn't easy. Assess your actions in terms of what you have done well or differently and learn from the experience.


The big goal: I want to lose one stone and feel healthy again. I want to fit into my summer dress for our trip to Spain in the spring and be fit enough to go on that cycling trip with my friends when we come back from holiday.

Smaller goals:

- get cycling again
- eat healthy food at lunchtime
- cut down on sweet treats in the evenings
- drink plenty of water
- join a gym.

Action points:

Week 1: get cycling once - Wednesday - and have one healthy lunch.
Week 2: spend time looking into lunch options, getting organised about it and make sure I have two healthy lunches and go cycling twice - Wednesday and Saturday - (call friend to go with).
Week 3: get cycling twice and continue with healthy lunches most days. Identify successes and sticky points and talk about them with hypnotherapist.

By end of month 1: healthy lunch and exercise two or three times per week.
By end of month 2: cut down sugar gradually, especially in evening. join gym.


What not to do:

"Right, finish with ALL cakes, crisps, bread, fruits, potatoes, crackers, drinks etc, right NOW......and I shall exercise one hour every day from now on until I die".

Additional help:

Get in touch with a hypnotherapist if you need additional help with defining your goals and next steps or to remove emotional blockages that get in the way.

Happy well-being planning!

The attitude of your mind towards food and eating is one of the most important means of losing weight, and that’s where hypnotherapy comes in.

So, let’s help you change your mind. 

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