How self-aware are you?

Self-awareness is often the key to greater confidence and fulfilment in life. By understanding who you are, your personal skills and abilities, your competencies, you can start to harness and develop those elements that are unique to you, those things that make you shine. If you look at the most successful and fulfilled people you know, its highly likely that they are doing things that they feel they’re good at.  They’ve taken their core, innate skills and abilities and really mastered how to use them to great effect.

Being self-aware is about knowing ourselves at a deeper level.

Understanding what has made us who we are, why we view things in a certain way, what our values and belief systems are, and how they drive our behaviour. Being able to look at an outcome and interpret the part we played and how our thought processes and beliefs would have played a key part in that too.

Its about being able to reflect on what we’ve done well and why, what wasn’t so good and why. By asking these questions its possible to start to see where our natural abilities are so we can focus on maximising these skills; and where there are gaps, looking at how to develop new skills.

It’s also about seeing opportunities to modify our behaviour, how we react and respond. Either by identifying and working on areas we want to change or by identifying and maximising thought processes and behaviours we may wish to display and experience more regularly.

When you start to spend time developing your self-awareness there is some caution to be exercised.  There’s a fine line between understanding your part in what’s happening in your life and why, and overanalysing everything, particularly when you start to hold yourself accountable. It is important to keep your reflections balanced, seeking out the positive aspects you can develop and not spending all your time on the negatives or beating yourself up for things that haven’t worked quite so well. Take these as learning opportunities and a chance to refine your approach.

During a session with a hypnotherapist, you will focus on thoughts, beliefs, values and behaviours to start to make the connections between the outcomes they get and their root causes. Together, you will look at techniques and strategies to modify and develop areas that aren’t working so well; and how to maximise those natural, innate abilities enabling more resourceful behaviours and outcomes.

Through imagery and hypnosis, we’re able to use role play and imaginal rehearsal to practice and develop new skills, using problem solving to break through barriers and small experiments between sessions to try out new skills in practice. In combination it’s an approach that really helps you to increase your self-awareness and as a result your self-confidence.

It can be really helpful to work with a hypnotherapist for your personal development. 

If you think that you, or someone you know, would benefit from hypnotherapy; you can search for a hypnotherapist in your local area here: 

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Written by Shelley Cushway Dip CBH Dip I Hyp NLP

I am a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and coach. I am also a mindfulness coach and trainer. I work with individuals supporting them to achieve their goals and overcome whatever is holding them back. I also run workshops and training sessions in mindfulness and building confidence.… Read more

Written by Shelley Cushway Dip CBH Dip I Hyp NLP

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