How hypnotherapy helps weight loss

Many habits, including unhealthy eating patterns and bingeing on food, can often start as conscious acts that after a while become embedded in the unconscious mind through repetition. Once a process becomes unconscious we often find ourselves going through the process without realising we are doing so. For example, when we learn how to drive this is very much a conscious process of using gears, braking, steering, using mirrors etc. but once we have had a few years of driving under our belts most of our driving is performed unconsciously: how many times have you found yourself thinking about something completely different while driving, so much so that you couldn't remember any of the journey home from work?

Unconscious eating habits can be extremely damaging: we can often get through a packet of biscuits or a large chocolate bar without realising we have eaten all of it. This cycle of 'trance-like' eating can be broken utilising hypnotherapy which focusses on making a person very consciously aware of unhealthy eating habits. By becoming consciously aware each time we reach for a biscuit we can take a step back and elicit a state of power and control instead. In this way, we can stop ourselves from eating foods that are bad for us and focus on eating healthily and losing weight instead.

There are many techniques used in hypnotherapy which promote healthy weight loss and include:

- Positive visualisation of a healthy target weight: its great to get a sense of ourselves at some point in the future at our target weight

- Mental rehearsal in situations where unhealthy eating triggers are present: we can imagine ourselves taking a step back from the food cupboard at home and having a glass of water or a piece of fruit instead

- Focusing on eating smaller portions and on taking time with each bite: through hypnosis we can imagine ourselves enjoying every bite of healthy food and eating slowly so that we feel full after eating less

These are just some of the techniques that hypnotherapists use in order to help you lose weight and to help develop a positive healthy relationship with food. 

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Leicester, LE2 1TA

Written by Mark Spalek

Leicester, LE2 1TA

Mark Spalek is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a practice in Leicester, specialising in weight loss, smoking, confidence, self-esteem, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety, addictions, depression, insomnia and sports performance. He is fully qualified and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, adhering to their strict code of ethics.

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