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How hypnotherapy can help if you're feeling blue

How are you feeling at the moment? Are you affected by the weather? Are you further in debt because of the festive period? Do you feel you have failed, or have given up on, your New Year's resolutions? Do you feel unmotivated, but also feel the need to take action?

You are not alone...

Typically early in the year, I see an increase in enquiries. The types of enquiry vary, anything from weight loss (to shed those festive pounds!) to a feeling of needing to change something in their life but perhaps not quite knowing what that might be.

Hypnotherapy can help in lots of different ways, and each individual will have their own requirements. However, if there is anything hypnotherapy is particularly good for, it’s encouraging positive life change. This is because the nature of hypnotherapy is to help you to challenge limiting beliefs. Your hypnotherapist can help you to create positive life change and get you on your way to reaching your goals by injecting some positivity, helping you to believe in yourself, and tackle any worries and anxieties that might be holding you back!

A popular issue that hypnotherapy is particularly good at tackling is stress. Let's say for example you really want a change in your career. Perhaps you want to go for a promotion or set up your own business but because you’re already so stressed, you’re worried you won’t be able to handle the responsibility. You make a new years resolution that 2019 is your year! But then two-thirds of the way through January you’ve done nothing about your aspirations, have had lots to deal with on your return to work after the festive break, feel de-motivated, and those aspirations you had seem a long way away.

So, how can hypnotherapy help with stress?

Firstly, hypnosis is extremely relaxing! Even just some relaxation therapy using hypnosis would be incredibly helpful to anyone suffering from stress. Just having that time to relax and let go can re-ignite your passion because the blockage of stress is taken away. Another way of looking at it is that you get a break from yourself! Also, hypnotherapy can be used to remind you of how resilient you are. It can be used to examine and re-write any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. Importantly, hypnotherapy can be used to help build your self-esteem and confidence so that you can go out into the world a calmer, happier, more resilient person capable of reaching your goals!

If this sounds like you, someone suffering from stress who would like to try something to help, there are lots of apps out there offering stress relief. A few of these you might find helpful include: Brainwaves Binaural Beats, Pacifica for Stress and Anxiety, Headspace Guided Meditation, and Calm (meditation and sleep stories). If you would like to check your stress levels there is an app called Stress Check that you might find helpful.

These apps aren’t for everyone, but they are a good start if you would like to trial how hypnotherapy might help and how hypnosis feels. Of course, us hypnotherapists are always here to help if you feel you would like some professional guidance!

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Written by Jenny Hartill

Jenny owns Cloud9 Therapy and Chelmsford Therapy Rooms and is based in Chelmsford, Essex. She's been in private practice for 7 years and can help with a variety of issues but specialises in self-esteem and anxiety. She offers a confidential, friendly, safe space for clients to explore and deal with their issues. Call or email with any questions!… Read more

Written by Jenny Hartill

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