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How does Hypnotherapy and NLP help my wedding run smoothly?

It wasn't until recently, when I got married, that I realised how helpful hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be to improve a wedding day. Many couples spend fortunes on getting married, and end up not actually enjoying their day due to feeling anxious. I do not usually suffer from anxiety - however, the worry I had traveling abroad with a dress, meeting my photographer on the day and no input to my wedding bouquet was not overlooked! Thankfully, I had the knowledge and skills to deal with this stomach-turning feeling, which can be taught to others also.

It may also be that guests and those playing a role may also be anxious too - an auntie who doesn't like crowds perhaps, or a best man who is overwhelmed with responsibility.

Typically there are several challenges that people face when getting married:

  • Nerves about being the centre of attention
  • Public speaking (wedding speeches)
  • Weight loss
  • Commitment
  • Worries about everyone enjoying themselves and not 'judging' their wedding
  • Concerns about family rifts
  • IBS
  • Social gatherings
  • Fear of flying if marrying abroad or flying for a honeymoon
  • Debt concerns
  • Alcohol intoxication and binge drinking
  • Sexual performance.

What can be done to help?

The first thing to realise is that all couples have a certain amount of worry with regards to their wedding day. However, there are things that can be done to manage unwanted thoughts and feelings:

  • Being organised and having a trusted friend to help
  • Taking time to eat, drink, exercise and sleep
  • Chat about your feelings with a friend
  • Take time out to do non-wedding things with your fiancé
  • Do things that relax you like take a bath, have a massage or read a novel.

Hypnotherapy and/or NLP can help too. Quite often people worry about a number of things to do with their wedding day; however, taking time to address these issues mentally and emotionally, changing perceptions and behaviours, can really help. In addition, your hypnotherapist can also teach you skills to use outside of the therapy room helping you before, on and after your wedding day.

Therefore, wedding anxiety is quite common and can manifest and present itself in a variety of ways. However, it is important to know that it is extremely treatable.

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