How can you score if you don't have a goal?

One of the things that people often do to help themselves is to change their mindset.


Life is short. You need a 'can do' mentality to fulfil your dreams. If you are not where you want to be physically, emotionally, spiritually, or even financially, then you need to take action.

Stop pulling yourself back every time you almost hit the summit. Your saboteur will tell you you're not good enough, brave enough, clever enough, or attractive enough. The question is, are you persistent enough? Why should you not make the grade? Why shouldn’t you deserve your time in the limelight! Well, it’s time to get rid of that saboteur. I know you have heard it all before, but that’s part of the problem. You switch off when you hear clichés like this. Here’s the thing - clichés are often repeated because they are true.

Perhaps you would like better health, a better job, to travel more, to find a special someone? Then the voice over your shoulder whispers "who are you to be able to pull this off?".

Limiting beliefs are the bane of all of our lives. We would never attempt anything if we didn’t put them aside from time to time.

Sometimes you just have to give a project your full attention. Gather up all of your courage and go for it. Sometimes you have to expand your boundaries to include more of the things you love in your life. This is not always a comfortable transition. Another cliché is that you need to leave your comfort zone. This can be tricky. You are very happy where you are, you say. But what about your hopes and dreams? Wishing on a star rarely works, in spite of what Disney says. You have to start pushing boundaries. You have set the boundaries - how hard would it be to gently start pushing the boundaries back?

Why not make a list of your goals and write them down? Those people who write their goals down are 83% more likely to keep them. Choose a goal for this week, this month, three-monthly, six-monthly, annually, five years, ten years, someday! You get the picture. Think about what you want to have achieved at these crossroads.

Think big. A house by the sea, losing that two stone once and for all, making a bucket list of countries to visit and make a start. Start dating people that are likely to make you happy, not the same old type that doesn’t suit you.

Of course, there has to be a certain amount of flexibility in your plans. Life may throw you a curveball occasionally - make sure you place yourself to catch it.

So, stop using all your available energy on worrying, stressing, and generally fretting about things that are outside your circle of influence, i.e. things that you have no control over. As the title of this piece says - if you don’t know in which direction to kick your ball, how can you possibly score?

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