How can you quit smoking with hypnotherapy?

If you want to quit smoking then there are two ways that hypnotherapy can help you, and one way that you can help yourself.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking – the “big bang” approach

This is the method that most people associate hypnotherapy with stopping smoking. You choose a date when you want to stop, book your hypnotherapy appointment, and commit to not smoking again after that.

Different hypnotherapists will approach helping you to quit smoking in different ways. Some might spend time with you looking at the reasons you started to smoke. Others might spend more time looking at what you get from smoking now, and how you can get still get those rewards without smoking. 

A third approach is to spend time exploring what your future looks like after you quit smoking. The more emotionally compelling this is for you, the more it can help to motivate you. As it can be a source of such positive motivation this approach can help people who feel that they lack the willpower they need.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking – the “reduction” approach

If you feel that stopping smoking completely is too drastic or ambitious then this approach may suit you better. Essentially, you are taught to mentally rehearse smoking a cigarette every time you want to smoke. After rehearsing you’re free to smoke if you still wish to. 

However what the majority of people start to experience is a reduction in their smoking almost straightaway. Whilst this can initially be a small reduction of one or two cigarettes a day it can snowball over the course of a fortnight. This enables the majority of people to quit smoking naturally. Out of those who remain smokers many will be smoking only two or three cigarettes a day.

How to help yourself quit smoking

Whichever method you choose I’d suggest that one of the key things is to stop thinking of it as quitting. Do you actually want to think of yourself as a quitter, even when it’s a habit you don’t like? Instead think of it as becoming a non-smoker again. You were born a non-smoker, and that’s the natural state that you’re returning to.

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