How can hypnotic gastric bands aid weight loss?

People try to lose weight in all kinds of ways and for many different reasons and hypnotherapy can be an excellent tool to achieve this. Despite the name, hypnotic gastric bands are not only for people who are at the point of considering surgery, they are for anyone who would like to lose weight and keep the changes that were achieved. 


Losing weight via hypnosis is a completely viable and safe option and can be a healthy alternative to diets. Hypnotic gastric bands perform the same function as the surgical version but with much less risk to the patient.

Reasons for losing weight via hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can prevent the yoyo-ing behaviour that often happens with traditional diets. The weight that is lost via hypnotherapy tends to be long-term as the hypnotic suggestions given tend to gently nudge the subject toward healthier choices that they can stick to over time. 

There is often a misconception that hypnotherapy is all about the “Hypno” and less about the “therapy” but I use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to help to get to the root cause of the individual’s weight gain. 

I use timeline therapy' to achieve a better understanding and address the underlying reasons for weight gain in a way that diets just cannot. It is actually a cost-effective way to make a real therapeutic change to how you live your life without having to pay for expensive diets. 

Health benefits

Sustained weight loss often increases self-confidence and belief, and leads to better sleep, so that you have more energy during the day. Losing weight can decrease the likelihood of needing medical assistance for any number of related conditions and better health generally can lead to less time off sick, so better outcomes at work.  

How does it work?

When thinking about hypnosis generally, it is easiest to think of it as two different but equally important parts of your mind. The conscious mind: is the part that is making rational decisions and weighing up the pros and cons of situations, and the subconscious mind: is the part that regulates things like breathing and regulation of body temperature. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy quieten the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious mind, giving the idea or suggestion that gastric band surgery has happened and that it has to behave accordingly. This is achieved by recreating the operation using imagery, words, and sounds to allow the subconscious mind to believe that it has happened. 

People may have misconceptions about the efficacy of the therapy because they know on a conscious level that they are attending hypnotherapy sessions and were not in fact operated on. The thing to remember is that it doesn’t actually matter that the conscious mind knows differently, that wasn’t the part that was being worked on and spoken to. The subconscious mind is taking it all in and works at a different, deeper level than that of conscious thought and as long as the subconscious mind has embraced the idea, the desired changes will happen. 

I worked in bariatric surgery for 20 years before becoming a hypnotherapist, so I am uniquely well-suited to be able to accurately recreate the sights and sounds that you may expect in an operating theatre for real-life gastric band surgery. 

I understand the feelings to evoke and the sensations to talk about in my specially designed and personalised hypnotic scripts. I use the background noises of anaesthetic machines and nurses' counting instruments in order to enhance the feeling of reality the subjects experience. 

Next steps: Now is the time

I am running eight-week courses of gastric band hypnotherapy both on Zoom and in-person in Bristol and spaces are filling up fast. If you feel like now is the time to really take the next step in your weight loss journey, contact me for more details.

This course has been getting brilliant results for my clients, with a success rate of around 85-90%. If you are someone who is considering losing weight, it may be worth trying hypnotic gastric band therapy first as you can avoid a long healing time and it is far less stressful for your body.

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Written by Claire Edwards, @Claire Edwards Hypnotherapy | Empowering Mental Wellness
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