How can hypnotherapy help with wedding day nerves?

Are you getting married this year and thinking “If only I could stop smoking, get slimmer, enjoy the speeches on the big day?” Well, there is a solution - hypnotherapy! But what exactly is hypnotherapy and how can it help? You’ve tried just about everything else and nothing seems to work! 

Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind and we experience it daily without realising; when we’re daydreaming, listening to our favourite song, or immersed in a gripping movie. In a nutshell, hypnosis is super concentration of the mind upon a single thought to the exclusion of everything else. Hypnosis involves deep relaxation and guided suggestions but no hypnotherapist can control someone else’s mind; indeed the actual power of change lies within the mind of the hypnotised person. 

The acceptance of any new habit requires our subconscious cooperation. But whenever the conscious (or left – logic) and subconscious (or right - imagination and intuition) are in conflict the subconscious always wins. This explains why smokers are unable to stop smoking – they still imagine the pleasures of cigarettes or dieters see their weight yo-yo-ing - they still imagine the delicious taste of unhealthy foods. Willpower alone won’t work because willpower is the left side and is always overridden by the right side unless it’s re-programmed to change. This is where hypnosis can do wonders by re-programming the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis alone won’t work, you must believe, imagine and truly desire the change for hypnosis to be effective! And also remember hypnosis or hypnotherapy isn't magic, it will only work if you truly want it to work and if you actually, completely, totally and undeniably you want to change. If part of you wants to change, because you feel you should but the other part of you doesn't actually want to for whatever reason then no amount of hypnosis or hypnotherapy from any therapist will work because you actually don't want it to!

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