How can hypnotherapy help with anger?

Anger is an ugly word with ugly connotations. We are told to suppress it or be ashamed of it - nice girls don't; well mannered men don't. But anger is an important emotion and sends us a message. We have many good things in the world today because someone got angry.

In my experience, the simplistic term 'anger management' is too bland. The anger of many individuals seeking therapy is justifiable. Who would not be angry over innocence destroyed in a rotten childhood, a messed up education, having to bury a precious child because of a drunk driver? And there are smaller, anger-making things too: rude service or being passed over by a boss who cannot distinguish between the honest  worker and the counterfeiting colleague who is good at pretence. 

Anger can be an obstacle. You need a cool head to negotiate well, so thinking skills are key rather than the brute force released by the primitive flight or fight response. It is useful to disperse the adrenaline surges before the encounter with the arrogant boss or  disloyal partner, so you can be in control mentally. Hard, physical activity is ideal, and you don't have to go to the gym; digging the garden, spring-cleaning the flat or chopping up the wood for logs will clear your head of upsetting thoughts, keep you calm and lubricate your tongue - in a good way.

People have a right to honourable rage. If you feel you suffer from chronic anger, be angry and proud. Find the root cause so you can use anger as a flaming torch to light your way to better things. 

Under hypnosis, a trained therapist can utilise the hot energy of clients' anger to burn a constructive path through the emotional woods. Time line therapy, regression and reframing are just a few of the methods that enable people to let go of the pain that sustains anger: the unconscious will do so when that emotion is no longer needed. Through deep work, people can become free of the dark side of anger so they make the right changes for them. These changes can be instant and permanent, leading to lifelong benefits  for themselves and those they care about.

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Written by Marian Barry - GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England

I am an award-winning hypnotherapist and open and approachable person. I offer a professional, caring and safe service in a comfortable private environment. I work  either in the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, or Finsbury Park, London N4, or Great Abington, Cambridge as well as ONLINE sessions.
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Written by Marian Barry - GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England

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