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How can hypnotherapy and EMDR help heartbreak?

I have heard that you can actually "break your heart" with a stressful event is that true?

Heartbreak can become a physical symptom that directly affects your heart's function, “broken heart syndrome” can be brought on by any number of stressful and heart-hurting events, losing someone you love, a breakup or emotional abuse are all up there in the most probable causes.

What happens is the stress from the event causes the heart to be under more pressure, beating faster, maybe even skipping beats (palpitations). The structure inside the heart, which helps keep its shape and keeps it in top working order, are sets of “strings” (hence the saying “pulled on my heartstrings”) fibrous - like the supports seen on a suspension bridge. These allow the heart to beat in the right way. When one of these strings becomes stressed through irregular or faster beats, one or more can snap, changing the shape and efficiency of the heart. Symptoms of which can be chest pain, rapid heart rate as the heart tries to maintain the correct rhythm and sometimes can even cause death if the heart cannot regulate itself.

How can hypnotherapy and EMDR help with a broken heart?

Hypnotherapy and EMDR can help with emotional symptoms and causes. In most cases, there needs to be a recovery period so the trauma of the event has settled, there is no such thing as "emergency hypnotherapy" the client needs to be calm and focused on the therapy. Whatever your reaction during the session is right for you, and is all part of the process.

Hypnotherapy can help you get the root of the problem, a therapist can allow your subconscious to choose a different job to help not hinder your recovery from the event, or allow you to say goodbye to a loved one if circumstances didn’t allow it at the time.

EMDR can help by putting hurtful memories into perspective, we liken it currently to a computer with too many pictures open on the desktop, EMDR sorts through those 'pictures' and files them in the right place. Allowing you to move forward as opposed to being stuck in the moment that was hurting you.

Both EMDR and hypnotherapy have excellent results, but it is advised to take each day as it comes, as everyone processes things at different rates. Some have almost instant relief while others can take a few days for the improvement to be seen.

How will I know it's time to deal with my problem?

As stressful events in our life can crop up at any time, you may feel sideswiped to start with, or it may take you time to accept there is a problem there that needs to be dealt with, you will know its time to deal with it if your life is being restricted in any way.

My problem is personal and I'm not sure a therapist will understand. Can you reassure me?

Please don’t be embarrassed in any way, all therapists will have had any of the therapy tools they use, used on themselves to deal with any problems to become qualified. So please place your trust in them.
By the time a therapist has qualified, there are few problems they won't have dealt with in some way.

Should I trust a newly qualified therapist with my troubles?

Personally, I don’t think it matters if a therapist has been qualified for one year or 20 years, what matters is the rapport between a therapist and client, don’t be put off if their certificates say “qualified this year” because that therapist has attained the qualification meaning they can deal with the issues listed on their website, it also means they already have a year or two’s experience anyway. 

What if it turns out I have a medical problem?

If it becomes obvious you are dealing with a medical problem, you will be referred to your GP.

How do I choose a therapist right for me?

Things I would suggest when choosing a therapist:

  • If they have a video, watch it, if you like them while watching it, there is a good chance you will build rapport quickly - essential to ensure the success of any therapy. 

  • Some therapists cost more than others, this is usually in line with the amount of training they have undertaken - clinical hypnotherapists have a greater knowledge base because the course is usually double the length of a standard hypnotherapy course.

  • Make sure you check their certification. Memberships (GHR) and insurance are more important in some respects as counselling and hypnotherapy are not regulated yet in this country. All newly qualified therapists must attend a certain amount of supervision in their first two years of practice. It is best practice to continue with supervision after that time.

  • If in doubt ask for testimonials, most therapists have these on their website, remember that these are given in confidence and you may not be able to speak to someone directly.

  • When you have chosen your therapist, have in mind the main problem. It's fine if you have a few things to deal with, but the therapist will want to deal with them in order of how it affects your life, the other things may well clear up along the way!

  • Be ready to work, a therapist is there to help you, but you will need to do most of the work, it can be tiring so make sure you can rest for a while afterwards. Hypnotherapy will leave you (in most cases) feeling wonderfully good and relaxed. With EMDR the process will continue for approx. 24 hours after, this is completely normal.

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Written by Karen Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist- Blossom Therapy Swaffham

Karen Lee has always had an interest in helping others help themselves, after two years online voluntary work in a group she set up herself, she is now a qualified hypnotherapist, EMDR specialist and is studying to achieve a BSc hons degree in psychology, looking to become a psychologist in the next few years.… Read more

Written by Karen Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist- Blossom Therapy Swaffham

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