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"Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times" said Mark Twain. What most smokers do not find so easy is stopping smoking forever. Forever sounds like a very long time. Forever might sound a little frightening.

So, you have been smoking for years, perhaps decades but this summer, you are determined to stop. Your motivation is clear. Smoking is expensive, increasingly socially unacceptable and often fatal. Around 96,000 people die each year in the UK as a result of a smoking-related illness [i].

You have heard that hypnotherapy can help you stop, for good. Perhaps you know someone who, after just three or four sessions, stopped smoking. If she can stop, you think, then so can I.

You are still a little afraid. Perhaps the hypnotherapy will be ineffective and you will continue to smoke. Or perhaps it will be so effective that you will be sickened by tobacco forever more. Then what will you do? A cigarette has felt like a friend: reliable and unchanging, in a shifting world. A tube, a flame, a drag, that acrid taste, a wet cough, a habit. Ditching that habit – forever – may well feel a little like ditching a friend. Hence, the fear.

Do not worry. Effective hypnotherapy will help you to appreciate what you already know: a cigarette is not your friend but a product. The only legal product that, if consumed correctly, will kill around half of its long-term users [ii]. Many of these deaths result from the carcinogens in cigarettes and are slow and painful.

A hypnotherapist will not stop you smoking. Instead, he will support you to achieve what you know you are capable of achieving. Namely, stopping for good. A hypnotherapist will help to redirect your fears, so that they become located in their proper place. Being a non-smoker is not frightening. It is a joy to go through life without the need to suck down that sickening smoke every half-an-hour or so. Smoking should be and is frightening, because smokers are dicing with a slow, painful death.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy quietens the conscious mind and helps the client enter a state of relaxation. The subconscious is then directed towards the problem at hand, stopping smoking for good. Suggestibility is utilised – we are all suggestible, especially when relaxed. It helps that the therapist is suggesting a truth already known by the client, cigarettes are addictive poison and you have no further need for them.

The subconscious is binary (yes/no, good/bad) and this too is helpful in the case of smoking. For the truth about smoking is crystal clear – you should not. Ever. Hypnotherapy will address your subconsciousness directly. Once truth has taken root, your days of puffing away will be numbered.

After a session, a client will often feel a sense of what hypnotists refer to as "involuntariness". This is the sense that something has happened to them. It may feel as if the therapist has done all the work and that the client just does not feel like smoking any more. In fact, as suggested above, the therapist has supported the client in listening to a profound truth that may have been sounding within them for years:

"I want to live. Cigarettes kill. Therefore, I do not want to smoke any longer".

The chances of ultimate success are good. A committed client and an experienced hypnotherapist make a formidable team. More good news: if it is going to work, hypnotherapy will work quickly when it comes to stopping smoking. Between one and four sessions should do it.

But suppose, deep down, a small, scared part of you does want to keep on smoking, despite all the good sense weighing against this? Again, do not worry. Effective hypnotherapy can address this part of you, too. And once you have stopped smoking for good, you will not only feel healthier and wealthier, you will begin to feel happier and less emotionally fragile.

Remember: the moment you decide to stop smoking for good, you are on your way to succeeding.  

[i] Health and social care information centre: "statistics on smoking" 26.05.16

[ii] Ibid

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Written by Tom Bailey (MA; BA (hons); Dip CP; Dip Hyp CS)

Tom is a hypnotherapist and counsellor with his own private practice in Manchester. Specialisms include smoking cessation, overcoming performance anxiety and beating addictions - including the addiction to smartphones and the internet.… Read more

Written by Tom Bailey (MA; BA (hons); Dip CP; Dip Hyp CS)

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