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A phobia is often defined as an irrational fear, such as a fear of spiders, or a fear of public speaking. All such phobias are learned - we weren't born with them. Sometimes a phobia can be as a result of a bad experience in the past that has happened to us personally, and sometimes it can be from seeing or hearing such experiences happening to others.

Where a person has such a phobia their subconscious mind is protecting them by causing them to be over-fearful and, by doing so, protecting them from future "harm".

People often live with their phobias for many years, using coping techniques. So, for example, a person with a fear of spiders might keep asking their house mate to remove the spiders from the bathroom.

People who are phobic often think that there may not be a cure, or that if there were a cure it might be difficult or painful to go through the therapy process. The reality is that most simple phobias can now be resolved fairly quickly and easily.

In the old days psychologists would use a prolonged process known as systematic desensitisation to resolve phobias, and this could potentially take many sessions as well as home work. However nowadays, we can use a combination of hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to treat simple phobias and these can often be resolved in just one session.

Using NLP with hypnotherapy makes the therapy more effective, and has been used successfully with clients who have had phobias of pigeons, snakes and heights as well as for those who have food related phobias.

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Written by Brian Jacobs

London N3 & W1U

Brian Jacobs is a hypnotherapy practitioner as well as a hypnotherapy trainer. He was trained in NLP prior to becoming a hypnotherapist. He has offices in North London (Finchley) and Central London (Harley Street).

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