Healthy mind, healthy body

We all worry about having a healthy body, dieting and exercise - especially this time of year when the sun starts to shine, but it is something we should consider all year round. Our body is our temple and we should treat it with respect, after all it is the only one we have!

But do we ever worry about having a healthy mind?

As well as thinking about a healthy diet and exercise we should also think about a healthy mind, as the two work together.

Healthy mind/healthy body

When we think negative thoughts and have negative feelings, our bodies can hold these feeling which can make us physically ill. Our immune system can become low and we might start to feel mentally low. We might increase our alcohol level, smoke tobacco more frequently and eat comfort food to try to boost our mood.

Also, if we are holding any negative past experiences that have not yet been able to be resolved - we need to address them and deal with them in a positive way. For example - childhood issues that we bring into our adult life eg: being told that we were not good enough at school or by our parents, which we then take into our adult life.

We need to release these negative thoughts and feelings. We need to let go of our negative thoughts and beliefs and turn them into positive thoughts and suggestions.

Hypnotherapy can do this for you. Hypnotherapy can help you get rid of all the rubbish that other people put into our heads! Hypnotherapy can give you a deep relaxed state of mind where your subconscious mind and conscious mind work together to change your behaviour patterns and habits, thought process and beliefs from negative to positive. This in turn will give you a healthy mind which will lead to a healthy body.

Your immune system will be strong and you will be able to cope with everyday situations in a more positive way. You will have more control of your life and be the person you really want to be. You will be able to do anything you want to do...

You will become a confident, positive, relaxed person with a healthy body and a healthy positive mind to take on everyday challenges of life and succeed.

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