Healing your inner child and revealing your superpowers

The brain has so much potential, but sometimes fear gets in the way of us realising it.


Have you ever wanted to do something but were too scared to take the plunge and go for it because lack of self-belief held you back? Scared to get hurt and heartbroken, thinking the risk is just too high, but what if we could change that?

Changing fear for excitement, and instead of worrying about getting rejected, understanding that it’s brave to try, and courageous to show up and put yourself out there. And if it doesn’t work, it’s okay, you’re still wonderful. Just because someone else might not have seen it (yet), that does not mean you are not worth it!

The mind can either destroy you or help serve you in the best possible way there is. Speaking to it, instructing it, telling it what it needs to hear. Love it, accept it, and embrace it. Think about the choices you would like to make, and what truly helps you, abolishing the bullies, negative talk and lack of self-confidence in the process. Understanding the power of kindness and self-love, and the marvellous results it can bring. Where will your brilliant mind take you now?

Imagine a sponge and how it soaks things up. Now think about what you surround yourself with. Feeding the brain with positivity. Choosing to use words that invigorate the imagination, the body, and every cell within. What would you feed yourself now?

Swapping this to something that can better provide, can dramatically alter outcomes on how we perceive ourselves and view this gorgeous life. The magic and magnificence of neuroplasticity, the powerful science behind rewiring and recoding, can reinstall habits, beliefs and feelings deep-rooted within the subconscious mind to something new, revitalising, and fresh. Are you ready to start truly believing in yourself?

In certain situations, the mind can do marvellous things and present feelings through actual physical symptoms. Showing itself and presenting itself as something that thinks it is helping you, perhaps maybe to protect you, punish you or even prioritise you, but could these symptoms be signs screaming at you, and telling you: we have a problem! Unresolved emotions deep within, crying outside?

Mental health is a constant struggle and battle in millions of people’s lives around the world. Some openly talk about their issues with professional healthcare providers however, many do not. Men, women, and children are silently suffering when they shouldn't have to. You don't have to have a diagnosed condition to explain your struggles. Why is it such a taboo subject, and why the stigma?

If you are that 'someone' who is finding it hard to achieve goals, to move on and to really believe in yourself but can't, that's where psychodynamics is so incredibly powerful. Going back in time, like a time machine, and witnessing and investigating what could be the underlying reason for feeling stuck. How beliefs and blueprints that were formed during childhood unknowingly are profoundly shaping your actions and behaviours that are performed today.

Have you ever wondered why you do, say, or act the way you do sometimes? A rollercoaster of emotions just flooding you in certain environments and around selective people, and not ever really realising why they trigger you?

One minute you’re going about your business and then the next….! Keeping your mind wonder-struck as to why every time this happens in the first place. This is why it is so important to understand the root cause of what is making you feel the way that it does. Whatever the limited belief systems the conscious mind might have formed, ask yourself, has it helped me? Is it helping me right now? Is how I feel serving me in any way at all? And is it even true?

Because you are enough, you are worthy, and you are loved.

If you really want to discover and uncover what is truly holding you back from achieving goals and overcoming obstacles, then book a free discovery call today with an expert. Until then, smile, laugh, and create. Have a great day and remember, you have this! It’s a gorgeous day to save lives.

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Written by Ishpal (Esha) Kaur Dhillon, RTT Practitioner & C.Hyp | Mental Health & Wellness Care
London SW1X & Cambridge CB2

Esha | Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist

An extraordinarily masterly and tenacious individual with an innately intuitive understanding about the spectacularly engineered mind. Here to offer you highly supreme and premium level skilled abilities, helping you to thrive substantially.

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