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There are highs and lows to love. After a break-up, many people will feel the pain of loss to be far greater and more upsetting than the highs they experienced whilst being with their ex. The situation worsens if a person clings onto that pain and struggles to move forward with their life. Just like with any other type of addiction, hypnotherapy can help to put things in perspective and bring about a speedier recovery.

The first step is to actually understand that the relationship is in the past. It might seem very simple and obvious but you'd be surprised about the human capacity for denial. The only reason why there is suffering is because somewhere deep down exists an element of non-acceptance. The past remains in the present because it's in your thoughts only. No-one else is replaying the events - just you!

To change your behaviours you need to change your feelings and to change your feelings you need to change your thoughts. If you are feeling stuck in pain, you have chosen unproductive thoughts and unproductive thoughts are unproductive! Hypnosis could help you reframe. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim you could consider yourself a victor. You were brave enough to take the plunge and allow yourself to fall in love. It was a learning experience, a growth opportunity. Now you understand the fragility of love, you will choose more wisely and have a more realistic view of people and life in the future.

The next important element is focus. Just like with any other addiction, how you feel depends on your choice of thoughts and you cannot feel positive by focusing on the negative. Don't dwell on the pain. Remember that whatever you focus on increases.

Finally, you are the author of your story, no one else. By understanding this fact you become the master of your life. Create a happy ending for yourself. Now you are single you are free to find a more suitable partner. You have the opportunity to feel better and experience the happiness you have been looking for. And after all this upheaval, you will realise that problems are not problems. It's your reaction to the problem that is the problem. Problems are just opportunities for new things and for new experiences and many times, its for the better.

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