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Havening - overcome your mental blocks in 2015

'Havening' is a relatively new technique for helping people to overcome any mental blockages they may have. It has been shown to help people in ways that other techniques cannot.

The results from a study at Kings College, London, showed that people felt remarkably better after one session of Havening. When asked specific questions two months later the results had improved with the clients again and even more of them said they felt the benefits. 

So what exactly is Havening? Essentially, it is about removing 'stress chemicals' from our body with a range of exercises and mental notes. It's relatively simple to do but even more effective if you are helped by someone with knowledge of the technique.

Using soothing bodily movements the technique has been developed by Dr Ronald Ruben who has a background is neuroscience and the study of brain chemicals neuropharmacology. There are three main techniques used in havening. Taking people down into a state of sleep known as delta - but whilst they are standing - and then asking them to think about the issues that cause them the greatest upset whilst making a series of bodily movements helps the person to let go of negative emotions and fears.

To simplify things, Havening separates memories from actual feelings so the person no longer has to relive traumatic events that have taken place in their lives.

Several leading universities around the world are researching Havening as a possible future treatment for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other related issues caused by life events.

Havening however can be used for almost any problem if the participant is open to it which is why it is good to use it with someone who has a knowledge of it and that has researched it fully. 

Havening is a wonderful new powerful therapy, helping people to find freedom from their issues and traumas. So Havening appears to be a new way to heal, used alongside hypnotherapy it can really help clients to overcome their issues whilst giving them a technique they can use in the comfort of their own homes on days when perhaps they feel low.

Any new techniques are always welcome in the field of therapy and although Havening has been around for quite a few years it really is becoming ever-more popular.

Dr Ruben and his brother devised the technique over a ten-year period and it is now being used widely across the globe.

So if you feel ready to let go of your issues and look for a brighter future then Havening could be the therapy for you.

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